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    Morrissey sells signed other peoples albums - NME, Louder Than War, Consequence of Sound

    Imagine you spent years writing a book, or writing songs and recording an album. You put every fiber of your soul into the effort. And then another artist signs copies of your life's work with a modicum of effort and sells it for a hefty profit. If you say you would be fine with it, I am...
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    Alain Whyte: "Southpaw" - live at The Hotel Cafe, Hollywood (20th September, 2019)

    This was the first time that "Southpaw" had been performed live, by either Morrissey or Alain.
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    The rhythm section during the Vauxhall and I era

    Spencer was - and is, based on his former FB and now more sporadic Instagram posts - an interesting guy. He seems the type to make efforts towards becoming a well-rounded person - you can't really pigeonhole him as a musician alone. He certainly seems to have a drive towards self-improvement -...
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    The rhythm section during the Vauxhall and I era

    While there may have been reservations about the touring behavior of Day and Cobrin, I think it has also been said elsewhere that Spencer didn't have the right feel for the quieter, more acoustic direction much of Vauxhall took. He was still developing as a drummer and was more suited to the...
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    Johnny Marr Glastonbury interview - NME YouTube (The Smiths mentioned - 29 June, 2019)

    Due credit to the interviewer for the "lawsuit with the drum machine" joke.
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    Home is a question mark, but only with Alain Whyte

    The lyrics to the original version may never come to light now that Morrissey has released a new song by the same title. But it's possible that Alain may repurpose the music for one of his own songs. Two of his new songs, "Oblivion" and the yet-to-be released "A Higher Power," were stated to be...
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    Alain Whyte solo material - 'The Experiment' feat. Dean Butterworth - FB

    Alain's second EP is coming soon. A short preview of "A Higher Power" is embedded and sounds more similar to the guitar-driven tunes he wrote for Morrissey. He also recently posted on Facebook that Gary Day has cut bass tracks for the project and claimed in the same post that he now had 3-4...
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    Morrissey Broadway Playbill pamphlet in full -

    For what it's worth, it's fairly typical for musicians to have bios - or, at least, a listing of select credentials - in Playbill. It's a shame to see Morrissey's band were not extended that courtesy regardless of who made the decision.
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    New Morrissey song - I Thought You Were Dead (discuss and listen to it here)

    I've given Jesse his fair share of lashes over the past 15 years, but, credit due, this is one of his better co-writes. The guitar playing is sufficiently sparkly, too. The violin and slowed down chorus are nice surprises. The spoken voice part recalls Suggs on "Piccadilly Palare" a bit.
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    Morrissey mention in Beastie Boys Book

    Morrissey was going to be one of the headliners for the 2004 edition of Lollapalooza before the plug got pulled entirely due to poor ticket sales.
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    What unreleased track are you most looking forward to hearing?

    I would like to hear the other unreleased and/or unfinished demos/tracks from the Vauxhall to Maladjusted era. Several have been mentioned above, but I would add "Hanratty," "Nightmare," "The Leeches Go On Removing" and the original version of "No One Can Hold a Candle To You." If a true...
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    Brett Anderson interview mentions The Smiths (Idler magazine)

    Agreed. There were still some flashes of brilliance on select Head Music B-sides, but the rot had set in because of his excesses. It also didn't help that the multi-format singles that were so in vogue at the time demanded such a copious amount of material. They were churning out 5-8 additional...
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    Alain Whyte official twitter (new); The Experiment EP track list (4 tracks, late Dec. 2018 release)

    Just a bump to note for those interested that is now active and taking orders. Pre-orders received by 12/27 will get download codes for the four bonus acoustic tracks.
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    Dale Hibbert posts Decibelle Studio snippets on YouTube

    Marr overdubbed the bass? I thought the "accepted version" was that Hibbert "produced" the session and also played bass.
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    Alain Whyte official twitter (new); The Experiment EP track list (4 tracks, late Dec. 2018 release)

    Leaving aside the video, I don't think the song is the strongest piece for a solo launch effort and certainly not representative of what Alain is truly capable of. But I would hope that his songwriting track record has earned him open minds for the remainder of this EP and future releases. Some...
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