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  • Best. Hours. Ever.

    I always kinda thought one day I'd be a mom but I'm accepting that probably won't happen. I'm wondering is being a nanny might fill that void? Or make it worse. :straightface: But it might allow me to see far off places. Then again I have this whole "mental illness" thing that has been documented on paper so maybe not. I want to see Europe so bad.

    This job sounds like it'll give you plenty of time to be creative and really see London. Do you paint or sketch or write or anything? I saw your mousehouse. :p
    Sounds nice. Do you have days off? Or are you always kinda "on" since kids don't really have an adult concept of time and know when you're working or not?
    Yay! I just got home myself and smell like cat pee, girl sweat and rusty nails so I'm hitting the shower and then bed...after watching a show about vampires first. :p Talk more later, I work tomorrow so in the evening.
    Ummmm, I have my bedding and books and art supplies at my moms, but it's on her living room floor so there's no door or privacy, so no, not really. I need to change this because I'm getting crabbier and bitterer by the day but I'm trapped in this loop of housesitting.

    Hey for dessert I bought a bag of Swedish Fish and thought of you. :p Did you know they have no gelatin and so are a nice replacement for gummy bears? :yum: Though I'm not fond of the green flavor.
    Yeah but I live like a gypsy roaming from house to house a week at a time. It's bleh. I'd rather have a 9 to 5 job.
    I watch people's animals and houses when they go on vacation, keep them safe so they can have the time of their lives. :straightface:
    Poang with two dots over the a. It's IKEA's most popular chair. I gotta go get something to eat, I have cabin fever. I'm housesitting in The OC and have a hankering for a burrito. I'll talk to you soon. Be calm, embrace your move. Don;t forget to say goodbye to people you don;t think of like the mailman or the checker at the grocery store. And don;t forget you can buy EVERYTHING in London I'm sure, so don;t stress over forgetting to pack anything. :)
    But you mean to tell me you've never slept outside under the stars and woke up in the morning dewey and freezing? That's living.
    Jackie, Jackie, Jackie...:p First, bugs are awesome. Second, camping in the rain is exciting. Third, that's why you bring a shotgun. :D I take it you were never a girl scout or went through a course of wilderness survival?
    Camping is wonderful, I love it. You just adapt to that stuff. But I hate to get technical here, I can't stand the idea of no alonetiem, if you know what I mean. Other than that it's very relaxing, you get to your campsite near a stream, under trees, whatever and read or sketch or nap, then you take a walk, drink beer all day, listen to music, look at the stars at night, hear the crickets. Then when you get bored, you pack up and go to the next campsite 500 miles up the road. My dad always brings a fishing pole but hates to kill fish so he never uses it. He'll eat a fish, he doesn't want to kill it though. Sometimes you catch them and throw them back, it;s very relaxing. Then you go into town and do laundry, get ice, look at the shops. It's fun. :o A lot of campsites have hot showers that feel like HEAVEN after not having showered for 4 days. Sometimes you have to go without to really appreciate what you have everyday. :p
    Yeah there's a town in California called Clovis, it's nowhere near LA though. Actually funny that you mention that because it reminds me of something I'm having a little nervous breakdown over. Clovis is the gateway to the Sierras which is where my dad and I go camping. He;s remodelling his camper and has decided afterward wants to take it to Alaska, across Canada, down the eastern coast and back home, like 6 months of camping. He's suggested I go with him. While I'd LOVE to see things beyond Los Angeles, (I've always been stuck in a 600 mile square radius since he moved me here when I was 5 in 1979) the thought of being A. trapped with my dad camping for 6 months. B. Away from a computer. C. trapped in a camper with my dad for 6 months makes me want to cry, but theres no other way I can go see stuff and my lala brain was half expecting to be rescued by Morrissey by now. :o Anyway, Clovis reminded me of that because thats where we stop to get groceries before heading into the Sierras.
    Yes, near it. I live in Glendora which is near Pasadena which is near LA, but I go to concerts in LA, it's about 35 minutes away.
    That's what I'd do. It'll also make walking around London THAT MUCH MORE exciting for you. Sometimes I do this thing where I pretend he's living in Los Angeles in disguise and I see him dressed up as other people, like wearing hats or a fake beard or something. No end of thrill for me. :p Then I get sad when he;s sighted in London because I believe it so much that he was that dude in dreadlocks and a baseball hat. Oh how we cope sometimes. :)
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