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    Members Pics

    Oh thanks, CrystalGeezer! :>
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    What song/s are you obsessed with at the moment

    Yölintu - Rakkaus On Sininen: Agents - Yksi Ainoa Ikkuna: Sureshots - Straight Skirt: Depeche Mode - Happiest Girl...
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    Members Pics

    I have no idea does this link work, but let's try:
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    This comes very late, but I haven't been here in ages. :) Thank you, Corrissey!

    This comes very late, but I haven't been here in ages. :) Thank you, Corrissey!
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    Thanks for birthday wishes! :)

    Thanks for birthday wishes! :)
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    what are you eating right now

    Porridge, blueberry soup and I'm drinking peach flavoured ice tea. What a great combination. :D I didn't have time to cook ( = I did have time to cook, but I was too lazy), so I just made some porridge, because it's quick to make.
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    2020 live dates

    Re: UK & European Dates 2009 So... he's not coming to Finland?
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    annoying songs that stucks in your mind..

    Bette Midler's Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy it's very annoying!
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    I'm diagnosed. When I was 13, school nurse said that it would be good if I would get professional help. I wasn't very keen of it, so I didn't go anywhere. And when I was 14, she said the same thing, and I went to the psychologist/psychiatrist. I think I was depressed also when I was at...
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    Men: What's your favorite cup size?

    >8( Shit, only one voted for A.
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    Word Association Game

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    What song are you listening to right now?

    WHAM - Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
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    Who do people say you look like?

    Cute , funny...
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    Johnny Marr frink thread

    Re: Johnny frink thread Damn, you were quicker than me. :D I was just going to put that same picture here.
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