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    Request: Klaus Nomi

    I would really like some of his work, and its very hard to find to buy (believe me, here in denmark it really is) so if any so kind person would upload one of his records (simple man? thanks) that would be so fantastisc :)
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    post your background images

    usally i just have pictures of Robert De´niro from Taxidriver, but right now tis a still of the Japanese Punkband S.A
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    Tim Booth indeed Brian Setzer :o (keep on dreaming) Bowie again Jello Biafra (oh these dreams..) Brett Anderson David Johansson (that would be quite wild)
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    Crap Bands

    i dont waste time on crappy bands...oh well The Calling, 50 Cent ("Gangsta" rap in generelly) and thousands of others
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    Our Frank

    Is "Frank" a real person? if so, who? :confused:
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    Morrissey's biggest secret.

    the biggest secret...!! theres is no secret :)
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    You are a...

    guess a number! I am The Owl :)
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    What really happened ...

    there is no exact answer, its the same with the managers i think.. If Morrissey dosent like em, theyre out
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    Were You There?

    Craig Gannon, sorry :) i was in a hurry
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    Were You There?

    Thats Graig Gannon
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    Morrissey in the Drawings

    Fantastic...School and Boredom can certainly created some beautiful things
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    Morrissey in the Drawings

    urgh very ugly picture....the face :eek:
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    Morrissey in the Drawings

    if you have a Morrissey Drawing/ it :)
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