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  • Hi there! Thanks for writing. It's really hot here and I'm trying to cool off! What's new with you? Not a lot going on here except I'm apartment hunting! Blah! At least the rest of the week is over with soon. Take care and keep safe. K~
    Thanks for accepting ;) I'm fine, thanks, a little tired but happy Monday is over and looking forward to the weekend!! :) What about you?
    Hi there! Don't worry about not writing sooner because I've been really busy with my father. :o( I'm happy you seem all right though! I've always wanted to learn to play bass. Yep, I got my Mary Janes Docs back and am getting another pair soon. (tomorrow...will it really come?) Yes, seeing The Smiths was a very special experience. It's so long ago, and I didn't feel the love I felt for him back then. I was just discovering them. But soon their music grew on me and I listened to them daily- even now! When I was in my apartment, I used to love singing along with Moz because no one could hear my crappy off tune voice, so it's difficult because singing was a big outlet for me to let out my emotions. I know, I cannot IMAGINE there never being The Smiths or Morrissey. If that friend of mine in 1984 hadn't come up to me with the first album (cassette) I don't know what I would've done. He did mje a great favor! I still have all of the British mags from the 80's with lots of Smith articles in them. You haven't seen him yet in person? Oh deary, you HAVE GOT TO GO! It's almost like a religious experience. SIlly but true. LOL I once went with a friend from work and she was all cool about the show until Moz came out in a bright pink shirt and she started screaming and jumping up and down LOL made me laugh because Morrissey made her lose her cool. Anyway, stay cool and it was really great to hear from you! You brightened my day. :o)
    Wow now I REALLY feel old lol! Well, in any case I'm glad you discovered The Smiths & Morrissey. I'd be lost without their music. LOST. I do want that Arctic Monkey's second album you mentioned- sounds like good fun. (Plus some people here have given it rave reviews.) I'm a bit angry because when I moved the thiefs AlSO stole my copy of ROTT which I've been wanting to listen to for some reason and my new deluxe copy of The Best Of Morrissey. I have "Redondo Beach" in my head as I type. I begged the music store to hang on to them until Monday when I get paid and they will, thank goodness. Morrissey's lyrics have always made such a huge impression on me. I will never forget seeing The Smiths live! I can't afford to go to every show like Julia Riley but I do my best heh. So, do you have any hobbies or things you enjoy doing or good at doing? I keep a journal; I think I mentioned that. And I body surf and go swmming - oh I wish we had a pool! I'm going out to the stores later and am replacing my Mary Jane doc martens. They were the only sturdy shoes I owned. Anyway enough bitching about my stolen property! Do you know when that magazine, (where Moz is pictured practically nude) comes out and what's it called? I've been waiting for the book, "Morrissey; The Pageant Of His Bleeding Heart" forever now. Did you read the James Maker story? Lucky bastard! :p (oh! I am a friend of miryam too- she's so nice!)
    Hi there- I just got home from shopping and am a bit tipsy. (it's the wine I bought) and its soooooooooooooooooooo hot here you would hate it. In Phoenix, AZ it was 115 degrees! I would die! I am not made for this weather. I'm the whitest person you've ever seen haha! If it rained right now, I'd go out into it. where in the North are you - I would swap places with you in a milisecond! Hope you're having a good sleep! Kali x
    I'm doing very well..
    i like the party all around here..in cause of the EURO 2008..
    the best match will come on wednesday..germany-turkey..wow..!!
    Hope there will be no vilonece after the match..from both sides..
    well..here are living a lot of people from the turkey..but they're very nice and friendly guys..hope it'll stay...and you..what's the news?
    lovley greets from rainy cologne (as always)
    LOL no; in the hotel I was staying at the milk was always warm. I ate out one time and had a piece of chocolate cake and yes again, warmish milk. Lukewarm is a better term. :o) well, yes, SD is beautiful if you like the beautiful beaches, great cuisine, etc. It costs an arm and a leg to live here though that's why I'm currently looking out for my father. (Thaniks for the compliment.) BUT, (and it's a big but) my mother is coming home from the rest home tomorrow and she may be 84 but she's gonna crack the whip and my poor dad are going to have to skip. The garage is a mess! I have all of my stuff in there. EXCEPT for two pairs of my beloved Docs - I found a place here that I can replace them thank goodness. I KNOW they stole them. The boots were black with a black sole. I had Mary Janes docs that I wore daily - idiots. They will not be getting paid for moving me. I'm sorry for whinging; just pissed that my brand new shoes are history. It's 102deg in the shade and I'm drinking soda like mad. Wish I had a Boddingtons instead! OR a Bass Ale. (Bass Ale always gets me in trouble.) Kali x
    Hi therre! Well, San Diego is very overrated. I'm a native San Diegan and sun sun sun is all we get here- except in November and December and January where it ACTUALLY rains. People don't know how to drive in the rain here. They think they can get away with driving like they used to when it was dry, but when it rains, the oil seeps up from the asphalt, making it slippery. You have no idea of the car crashes we have! I just laugh. (unless someone has died of course) I walk and take public transportation. Ahhh you're in the North! I lived in your beautiful country for a year back in 1988 and spent my 26th birthday sitting in Sloane Square, listening to Viva Hate. (typical me typical me typical me) I loved how the weather would be sunny and an hour later you'd get drenched with rain. I was the happiest I've ever been in my whole miserable existence over there. ( I missed COLD milk but I'll let that one slide :o) I used to own a little bookshop but I have epilepsy and couldnt go on working. I'm taking care of my 83 yr. old dad right now but I REaLLY need a place of my own. I miss not being able to play The Smiths & Morrissey at maximun sound and sing off key :o)
    thanks for your friend request..the pleasure is mine..as always;)
    how do i come to this honor?!
    xoxo miry
    Hi I DO have the flu and I am really hot. It's about 90deg in S. California. I hate summer. Please tell me about yourself, other than your being psychic :)
    Yep, I suspect i shall be stressed as well but it shall be worth it:). I love reading so i'm looking forward to reading lots of classic and ranting about them and get a grade for it:D. My school was shit so in English we barely read any books and when we did they were shit books for "Teenagers( childern more like!)".
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