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  • Oh, that's wonderful :) It's Gute Nacht, yes. And der Bleistift. German has some really strange words if you ask me.
    Dear, you said you're not doing so well? :(
    You're welcome! I took some German in high school but obviously don't know much except how to say good morning, good night, (nicht or nacht?) I can say whipped cream and pencil. Haha, der bliestiff? Guten morgen! It was fun playing the word game. We'll have to do it again! :o)
    Thank you very much. It's 6 am over here, so I'm going to take a nap soon too :)
    I like your comments too, by the way : )
    Hellloo, thatnks for the friend request ;) new profile or someting?
    Hope everything's ok with you and your dad. Playing bass? I've had a go, but i'm definitley better on guitar, i'm no Marr though! haha I wish I was my age during the 80s so the lyrics of The Smiths would have been real and meaningful to me and...I could have gone to see them :( I love singing along to Moz, I have a suspicion my neighbours abhore that, but I don't care, I was waken up the other day, by their music, I wouldn't have minded but it was awful cheesy pop! nearly made my ears bleed! lol Nobody really introduced The Smiths or Morrissey to me, I sort of found it by myself, god knows what I would do i never! haha How's the weather going in San Diego, sun still cracking the flags?
    Hye, apologies for the late reply :) I am SO glad I found The Smiths and Morrissey, I couldn't imagine my music collection without their music, it's all I llisten to on my ipod, then I have to remind myself that there's other music out there! lol I Can't belive you saw the Smiths live! I'm very jealous! There will never be a reformation, so the closest I'll ever get to that will be tribute bands, but they just don't compare :( Morrissey live soon though, very much looking forward to that! :D Err I have a few hobbies I suppose, playing guitar, some sports like tennis and football, I'll have to give body surfing a go I think, very much a lack of waves by me however haha Did you get your Doc martens replaced btw? lol
    Yeah suppose there is nothing like the green fields of England lol I do read an awful lot, and I suppose it can't be bad for me, I love Shakespeare, poetry and classical Literature like Austen and the Brontes. Well i'm youngish so I can't say i've been into Morrissey for years; I heard This Charming man when I was about 13, I loved the riffs and stuff but I couldn't really appreciate the lyrics at that age.When I was about 16/17 that's when I discovered The Smiths properly and then later Morrissey's solo stuff, the lyrics just seemed to replicate exactly how I was feeling lol I love all different bands really, err The Cure, Joy Divison, The Stones, The Beatles, The Who, The Clash, Oasis, The Maccabees, The Libertines, The list is simply endless haha The Arctic Monkeys, i'm a fan, not so much now though their first album Whatever people say I am that's what I'm not is much better than their second, but worth a listen I suppose :)
    haha I love wine I do lol 115 deg?!! god I couldn't even comprehend that! I would just fry in that weather and turn the colour of a tomato, even when the sun comes out over here (rarely) I have to trawl on the suncream lol I'm near Liverpool, which is great for the music scene I suppose ;) *swaps loctaions* haha
    haha milk confusion from me there I think! lol Ahh San Diego does sound like a fine place, hampered by high prices though, it seems you need to make sure you've got a chequebook handy wherever you goes nowadays, we have an inflation problem currently in England, which is a bit crappy, and also very boring so i'll shut up about it now! lol Mother's are commanding whatever their age I reckon :( ha Sorry to hear about your shoes, Docs are certainly nice footwear I had a pair ages ago, i'm a converse lover too, I have that many pairs it's borderline obssession i think haha Jeeeesus! 102 degrees! it's barely reaching 70deg over here, couldn't hack that heat myself, *sends boddingtons* :) bass ale? haha haven't had that in ages, I personally love Guinness I do or a nice bottle of Corona :)
    Your not sellinng San Diego very well :p, still like to visit there! haha It's rainig right now where i am, it wouldn't be Sunday without it I don't think! It's the reverse over here, people don't know how to drive in the summer, as soon as the sun peeps from behind the clouds (it could still be freezing) , there seems to be an automatic abundance of covertable cars playing horrendous acid rave music or something! :) So in San Diego, public transport sounds like the safest bet then? ha Maybe England in general could gain the accoldae 'beautiful', but not the North I'm afraid! :S (I'm not selling the North very well, so... I suppose it does have it's moments! haha) Sloane sq? would that be London? listening to Viva hate does not sound like a bad way to spend a birthday in my opinion ;) Cold milk, let's not let that one slide haha I take such a thing for granted, a nice bowl of cereal drenched in cold milk (I'll not make your milk jealously grow any further!) I'm sorry to hear that about your condition and I take my hat off to you for caring for your Father :) running a book shop would be amazing, surrounded by literature all day every day?! yes please! Hope you get a place of your own, to be denied the freedom to sing terribly to The Smiths blasting from a stereo is not favourable :)
    Ahh i'm really jealous of your location! I am not a fan of Summer either though. However, it's quite hard to form an opinion on 'summer' as currently in the North of England it consists of grey skies and rain, which I sort of welcome, and i'm sure you would too! haha I'm quite boring really, I'm a soon to be University student in literature and history, i'm shy, I tell crappy jokes, I read too much, drink too much, sleep too much, and erm.....i'm psychic! (i wish! haha) care to tell a little of yourself? Also how's the flu situation by the way? :)
    I think you were right to allow Georgia into your apartment. Animals should have protection from humans and nothing should ever be left to starve. The cat we are looking after only lives down the street (I think its' name is Jessie) but it stays here almost all the time now. I have a suspicion that the owners knew she was pregnant and left her to go somewhere else so they wouldnt have to look after the kittens. It's a bit inconvenient for us atm, if she really *is* pregnant, but at least they will all be fed. I believe that we should respect God's creatures :)
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