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  • Damn time zones AND ocean..:) My cats name is Tilly and she is mad..:) She licks the inside of your ears? That's a bit extreme..:)

    I was wondering what was going on with TCM. I thought, "That's a bit strong"..:) It's good to have that kind of banter with people..:) I have had a chip buttie, but not for a while as it's not that good for you, but why should i care?..:)

    A pedophile in Tartan. What a distressing image..:)

    I'll probably be in bed soon, so enjoy the rest of your day and all that..:)

    7,000 miles away? You're just looking for excuses now..:) It's just gone midnight, i've just turned into a pumpkin, so i look marginally better..:) I loved Bjorks first solo album, there's tune called 'Come to me' which is just perfect, and 'Play dead' is a great tune too.

    Your din dins sound amazing. And that Ice cream sounded great too. Quit taunting me with your food woman!!!..lol!!!
    I am not in bed, not for a wee while anyways. No one will read me a bed-time story..:) The Cat's just f***ing useless..:) She is no good at grammar...:)

    It has been raining here all day, constantly and i'd love a bit of sunshine right now. Though when it was hot i was moaning as well. I think we have a running theme here..:)
    Hun, i'll respond to your PM when i don't feel like i've gone 5 rounds with Mike Tyson. I was wearing a dress as well..:)

    I will though, soon. How are you?
    Hey.:) Din Dins is a great expression, i still say it to my cat, but she flashes me a look of utter embarrassment when i do it..:) I am alright, i seem to be worrying people, but not in the usual ways..:) Just need to get myself out of this particular rut i am in and then hopefully things will improve. if not i may run away and join the circus, i could be an official barber to the bearded lady..:)

    How are you doing anyway? How are things with your parents and stuff?
    It's just about 9pm and the dinner was lovely..:) I need to give it a go. Maybe see if i can't emerge as a happy dude. But being like vinegar means you keep people away, so i can see the point..:) This kind of thinking is in it's infancy with me, but i may work hard at it for a week! I'll need a rest after that..:)

    That have a nice day thing must be infuriating. If it's genuine enough then fine, but it rarely is.
    I did have a good din din..:) Must be 30 years since someone has said that to me, so cheers for the flashback..:)

    Well, it didn't happen this time. I am thinking of trying to think more positive and see if good things start to happen..:) If not, there's always Morrissey..:) Sounds like your cat eats better than i do..:) I had Stir-fry with rice and it was amazing, even if i do say so myself.:)
    I don't mind the smell of tuna fish as long as there's tuna about..:) (Hmm not sure i know what i mean by that)..Oh well..:) I like cats as well and have one of my own but she's incredibly selfish and knows how to manipulate me..:)

    That's a pity you didn't get it. I hope you get sorted soon. I'll need to find a place myself - i need to find a sugar granny who's desperate for bed-time stories and humble cooking..:)

    I'm getting dinner, but i'll catch up with you later..:)
    Just getting dinner soon. But how are you settling in to your new home? Have you got room for a waif Scotsman?..:)
    Hey, no problem :) It's been hot in England lately, not San diego temperatures though i'm sure! lol But i'm a little sunburnt :( Errm not much just been enjoying the summer with friends, has been rather nice. Ahh apartment hunting, sounds fun :p Well good look with that, at least then you can belt out Moz tunes at the top of your voice! haha Thanks I will, take care of yourself too :)
    It won't let me send you messages so I'm just going to have to post my reply to your PM here. :p
    I don't support objectivism, whenever people talk about 'rational self-interest' it's a bad sign to me. I believe in the abolition of money, so any type of capitalism doesn't really work for me. Corporations would be even worse at ruling the world than the government, because that would mean they were all in it for their own financial gain, the level of exploitation would be insane. I consider myself an anarcho-communist. I don't think I explained myself very well about objectivism, but oh well.
    Hello there,
    really 7 yrs! I always read his Pseudo morrissey ramblings with much amusment really....cringing, embarrassing crap really, does a man of his age have to hang on to every word a pop/rock star says and does, why would he need to get on stage, like he tried to do at 02:confused: I wish i had to time to write more on the thread for my support for Kewpie, basically he lost any acknowledgement when he took it on himself to attack her looks etc. My post just called him an asshole:) complain about her moderating but that was uncalled for.
    no, never friends with him. I have replied to his posts in the past, i think he has me on ignore:guitar:

    we can be friends:)
    Wow. We have a lot in common there :) I'm not a huge Wagner fan either. But your New Year's Day tradition sounds wonderful, I should do something like that. That's exactly what I love about classical music (well, especially the afore-mentioned composers) so much - it never gets boring, it's stuffed with tiny gorgeous details and it takes one 200 listens to realize the whole perfection..
    The concert was a Springtime Baroque concert by the City of Oxford Orchestra and it was at the beautiful Sheldonian Theatre. Absolutely incredible musicians. They played Händel, Vivaldi (his 4 seasons, of course), Pachelbel, Albinoni and Bach that night, I still remember that.
    I went to Oxford because of Oscar in the first place. Went on my own (as always) and wanted to see where he studied.. Ended up talking to a tutor who showed me 'round his whole Magdalen college which is about one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. That really was magical too. Anyway, I was there for the weekend, had a look at other Oxford colleges and just happened to see an advert for that concert, so I spontaneously went :)
    I have a huge British fixation myself that I can't explain either. I've now come to fly there every 2-3 months which pretty much swallows my whole salary, but hey.. You lived there for a year? What did you do there? That's so great :)
    It's funny that Bach is your favourite too. Many find him too pompous and just over the top, but he's perfect. "Almost mathematical" also hits the nail on its head. I always put his Toccata and Fugue on whenever I get home from work and am stressed and 'pissed off'...it's like pushing my 'Reset' button. Or Vivaldi's Siciliano..one of the most beautiful pieces ever created. Or Mozart's Lacrimosa Requiem... sigh.

    Believe me, I'm sort of 'geek-ish', but it's still amazing to me too that I can talk to you, S. Cali, without the slightest delay.. This whole opportunity is far too absorbing at times, but it's wonderful. I've met so many great individuals through the internet, the closest friend I have lives in Chelsea and we now meet as often as humanly possible :)

    Oh, and I'm sorry for the late reply. But it was around 8AM here and I needed to take a nap..:o
    Now this is great. I love classical music, Bach all the way, but I love Beethoven, Mozart, Pachelbel and Vivaldi too. I went to a proper classical concert for the first time in Oxford in April and the brilliance of it totally blew me away, it was almost painfully beautiful.....just like my first Moz concert, which leads to your question.. In 2007, I didn't even know who Morrissey was. I heard of him through Oscar Wilde, so to say, who's been my hero for years now. I looked him up on Youtube, heard Irish Blood...and I was hooked. Doesn't that sound so blunt and unemotional though? "on Youtube".. I'm really sad I'd never heard of him before. I've always, also pre-Moz, wished I'd been born 20 years earlier to experience the 80s. I'm not romantic, but I miss romance in music. There's no passion, beauty, non-mainstream...or dreams (which is Traum in german, by the way) in music nowadays, it lacks every form of expression, it's simply frustrating. Just by coincidence I mentioned the Smiths to my mother (I usually don't bother, because she hardly listens to anything but Metal (and Classical) these days) and she was apparently crazy about them in the 80s. She had all those old tapes and vinyls from the beginning on, but she sold her whole collection a few years ago when we moved...what a pity, really. Anyway, speaking of passion and dreams.. I've come to immensely like Morrissey's fan community, really. I've never seen such support, love and commitment to this extent. I'm very passionate about the music that is dear to me, but I got used to that making me a somewhat bewildering character because noone shared it. And then I started talking to Morrissey fans, who cross countries and continents to see him and find nothing bewildering in that. That's the idea of music to me.. And Moz is a whole other dimension again, obviously. I already can't remember anymore what it's like to not know him and to not get withdrawls after one day without his or the Smiths' music..
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