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  • For some reason, it's moderating all these messages!:confused:
    Nope, Franzanna! From London... don't know her? Yes, that would be nice!:p! But my mother may not like that!:D
    The special features on the region 1 DVD of Fear & Loathing...! It's a video! Oops, I meant Thompson! Sorry! :eek: I didn't even know about that book! :D You've made my day! Yes, a lot of people don't, I've heard people say he was a fascist! But I don't think he really was, do you?
    I've known him since we were kids , he's be a virtuoso guitarist since age 4 and a music teacher since age 13 . He is definitely underated . Glad you enjoyed it :)
    Yes, have you ever heard Depp reading out letters he got from Thompson?:D They're very funny!:p Do you know anything about the Rum Diaries film? Josh Hartnett was supposed to be in it, but then he died... is it going ahead again? I'm very well, ta! Franzanna called me yesterday!:D So I'm very happy, but the phone call was rather awkward! Never heard of that place! :D Never been then?
    Sounds Irish, that name!:p I'd love to see his monument-the one he got shot out of! I still have the newspaper clipping from when that happened-it was up on the parlour wall!:p I do love that!:D He's one of them most quotable of people in the world, along with Morrissey!
    Oh, how lovely!:) Seeing old people happy is nicer than seeing young people happy-must be very hard to be happy when one is old! That's nice that he has someone again!:) Oh, yes, solace is good sometimes.

    Do you know Gene Vincent?
    Dylan- wow, what a cool name! Mine is Colleen Fionn (pronounced Finn) MacTavish. Didn't we discuss this? My favorite author is Hunter S. Thompson too!!!! I want to make a pilgrimage at Owl Farm. He was so wonderful and brilliant. I have all of his books. Remember his motto- When The Going Gets Weird, The Weird Turn Pro" It's hard to describe DFW- he was incredibly intelligent and he wrote essays and fiction. I just cannot believe it.
    Oh no!:( I'm very sorry for you! My favourite author killed himself too! Hunter S Thompson! Know him? I don't deserve better, not in the least!;) My name is Dylan Thomas Oscar-Salvador Colley! Et tu? Ta very much!:p :) What books are these? How are your parents? Your dad is 80 something, isn't he? Did you ever manage to shave him?
    I remember Craig Ferguson when he was Bing Hitler, though i probably told you that already..:) The Bjork song to which i previously referred..:)


    How are things going with your dad? Are you coping alright and stuff? I am always apprehensive even to think about Bjork in an erotic context because 5 seconds into the fantasy, i'm convinced she'd just rip my bollocks off and throw them out the window. The song i sent you is one of my favourites of all time. I'll stop though, i sound like some crap DJ..:)

    I am feeling alright. We have heavy rain here but hopefully it'll pass soon. I haven't had a pair - fruit or otherwise, lol! - for ages now. Once again tempting me with food..:( Oh well. I hope you are doing well and stuff. And i make a vow to stop using the word stuff because it is so annoying..:)
    It's a phenomenal song. There's one called, "Come To Me" which is simply perfection..:) I like the was that English isn't her first language, so she sings certain words in her own accent and it sounds exquisite. I have never heard of "Army Of Me" hun, i haven't really delved that much into her career.

    I am doing okay. I hope you have good luck with the apartment. Here's to better times..:)
    I am not too bad thanks. Thought I would drop in a wee hello. I am meeting up with a friend and her son today, my son has not met him so we hope they get on ok. We will go for lunch and catch up. I have been off work for 2 weeks and she is going to be off for 2 weeks so plently to catch up on.
    I am not looking fwd to work on monday I can tell you, too much time off!
    Do you work?
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