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  • Miss our chats so much but glad I inspired you to like some swedish music and Kitchens of Distinction. I felt something was happening as I felt uneasy during autumn so now I feel like I know what it was.

    I hope you are happy wherever you may be.
    Kali passed away approximately August/September this year age 49, epileptic seizure. RIP my sweet Colleen.
    Hey Kali, I've just read that you use myspace, feel free to add me if you want: myspace.com/epbabe. Take care. :)
    Hey you, I am well, thanks. Excited that my house is FINALLY being rebuilt after 6 months! I think I forgot how to cook. :p

    I thought of you when I picked up the new Rolling Stone the other day (Issue 1062 10/2/08) with Metallica on the cover. The back cover is DEXTER! which is made to look like Rolling Stone (layout, font, etc) but there are 6 pages about him and the show. :cool::guitar: Worth the $4.50 I paid. Get yourself one soon ;) Hope things have 'cooled down' in SD for ya. Be well!! :)
    haha..you made me laugh..i can't wait to see him in berlin where he presents the new bond movie!!*shakesherbody*:p:D
    Hi Hi,

    I've been writing poetry since I was eleven or twelve, and I didnt really have any sort of urge when I was younger to write, infact I wasnt very creative at all!

    and thanks again :D
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