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  • Hee! That's what I do. :D

    I just woke up so it's been good so far. How about you?
    I PM'd several pictures to you last night. Did you get them?

    Corrissey suggested the Moz bat, which I replaced my Edward Gorey bat with. :)

    I've got a biography by E. Jean Carroll that lists what he had for dinner at the Tavern. I'm pretty sure he was a fan of their fettucini alfredo.

    I'd be happy to help. All you have to do is the following:

    Save the picture you want as your avatar to your desktop.
    Click "User CP" in the top left-hand corner.
    Click "Edit Avatar" under "Settings & Options."
    Click the "Browse" button under "Option 2."
    Select the picture you want to use.

    Let me know if you need any more help. I've got to do some laundry so I'll be around. :)
    Hmm… I dunno what you mean by ‘cropping it to fit your avatar’. It should size it automatically when you upload it.
    We’ll figure it out. You know I won’t allow you to be Dexter-less.
    Halloween is my favorite holiday. :)

    Silly girl! Just save the picture you want to your computer and upload it. They are the proper size already. If I had to pick one, I'd probably pick the one where he's dressed in black. Meow!

    I've never visited the chat room here.

    Which job? :rolleyes: They're all fine. I'm actually not working at the book store on Black Friday because I'm working at the vet hospital. Yay me!

    I heard that he was dating his "sister." I can't decide whether I like the show more than the books, which is rare for me as I always prefer the books. :eek:

    I have an HST sticker on my car. It's just a white oval with "HST" in the middle of it and says "The crazy never die" underneath his initials. I also have a set of refrigerator magnets. They're arranged around some letter magnets spelling out the word "KAZART!" It would be interesting to hear his take on the election. I miss him. :(
    You can use any of those pictures. I resized all of them to the proper size. You shouldn't feel limited to one avatar picture. Goodness knows, I'm not. I change mine all the time. :)

    I like the power saw poster and the one where he's all in black. I watched the first two seasons and am now reading the first book. :D

    As far as I know, mell is fine. I don't think I've been online at the same times as she is. I've actually been sleeping. :eek:
    The only pictures I can see in your old album are the Dexter painting and Morrissey on the bed. Was there another one?
    Which picture are you looking for? If you want the portrait back, that's easy. :)

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