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  • I fold the top corner of the pages over to mark my place if I have no bookmark, but that's about all I'll do to abuse my books. :p I have to write my name in the cover if it's a school book, but that's more because I have to.
    Yeah, I went to the Vatican when I went to Rome two years ago. They probably are fierce, although you wouldn't believe they were on first appearances. :p Their uniform is mostly yellow and includes a doublet, pantaloons and a beret. :D

    Hehe, I could do that, I suppose, only I feel that I'd feel like I was defacing my book if I did. :p
    Wow! I like the Swiss Guard. When I went to the Vatican, I took lots of photos of the Swiss Guard in their crazy uniforms. :D

    Hehe, that quote is so deep, but I'm just killing it by only talking about my love of the Swiss Guard. :p How are you? :)
    I like your signature. I'm not sure whether it's because I like the poem or the fact it's got Swiss Guard in the title. :p
    a power cut eh? It's good to read books that consume your attention, it's a quality that i don't really have though if it's a really good book i can just about manage it..:)

    shorts? I get cold very easily so i wouldn't laugh or anything though i never wear shorts because my legs are so pale that moths become suicide bombers and head for my legs, they even ignore the moon at that point..lol!

    Lets hope the maintenance man gets to you soon. Are shorts appropriate for a maintenance man?..:)

    I hope you are well?

    Love, ally..:)
    I know. So many people vacation there like crazy! I am so scared to go there.

    I am there now. Gesting around! LOL!
    Hai! They just need to be stopped.

    Awww... I sing along a t Morrissey concerts! Not only is there no justice for Kirsty, but there isn't justice for the femicides that happen in Mexico. :(
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