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  • Cornwell absurdly put in her book that she had got a "mitochondial"(probably wrong spelling) ie:small trace of DNA from the back of a stamp that Sickert had licked to post a letter and she matched that with a Ripper letter. The fact that hundreds of "Ripper" letters were sent by the Victorian trolls of the time doesn't seem to have entered her keen criminal mind. Daft bint :)
    Yes, the interest would fade if the killer were identified, but that's not going to happen!
    Bookstores don't seem to pay well in the Americas. I have a friend in Canada who earns not a lot at her bookstore. They seem to pay better here.
    I don't talk when I run. I put my iPod on and "enjoy the silence", as it were. I try to clear my mind of thought.
    How about you? Do you get much free time to relax or exercise or whatever? I'm thinking not with 3 jobs etc. I hope you do, though :)
    I read an article about Cornwell's Ripper book and was completely disgusted that she ruined a perfectly good piece of art on something as convoluted as her Sickert theory.

    I enjoyed the diary, even though it isn't authentic. I'll have to check out the others you suggested. It is endlessly fascinating. I wonder if any viable DNA evidence still exists from the case? I suppose they would have tested it by now if there were. If the case were ever solved, do you think the public's interest would fade?

    I work at a book store for the discount. I certainly don't work there for the money. :rolleyes:

    So what do you talk about when you run? :)
    I can't wait to get my hands on The Ripper Code. I think it'll be interesting.

    Patricia Cornwell is an idiot. I haven't read her book. Come to think of it, I haven't read any of her books. Was she convincing at all?

    The one I liked the best was The Diary of Jack the Ripper. Too bad it turned out to be a hoax. :rolleyes:


    I don't think I've ever carried on three conversations on three different boards before. :D

    I'll have to look into Oscar's Books. I hope it's available in the US. Are you enjoying it so far?
    Yes, I saw it, dubbed in Hungarian. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't understand a word of it in English. :o
    Sorry I haven't been on Solo for a long time. (about a year..) But I'm still alive. Im just busy, I'm studying architecture. I can only find some time to listen Moz.. Thank you so much for "happy birthday" :D Its nice to be remembered..
    Haha, it very well could be Dublin on a smaller scale. I've never been to Dublin before.
    I have no idea why Morrissey is so taken with Sidcup. Maybe he plans to move there. :D I could stalk him every day if he did.
    Dammit man! Sidcup is a wonderful place filled with nothing. I can't think of anything that's in that bloody town besides a school and the offices of a local newspaper. :D
    That's really laughable...etc. I hope the gigs are fantastic!!! I expect a full report. Safe journey and he better play NFD!
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