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    Washington DC @ Anthem Presale code ticketfly

    this works for chicago as well. the code i got from pre-ordering a digital copy this morning did not.
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    Strangeways vs. 1987's Other Great Alt-Rock Albums

    sign o the times is a worthy opponent for strangeways.
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    Video Clips From Carnegie Hall, NYC 3/26

    req: carnegie (nyc) recording does anyone have a recording of this? i think i saw someone mention that they recorded it.
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    My girlfriend and I just got free copies of I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris!

    well, my brother actually picked it up for me cus he happened to be going there. but what usually happens is all the promo stuff is behind the counter and you just ask for it and the cashier will give it to you, regardless of whether or not you bought the related item. (also, it's a 7", not a CD).
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    My girlfriend and I just got free copies of I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris!

    here's a list of stores giving them away: i got mine at looney tunes in NY.
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    Paris single up on US iTunes.

    yes it is. no b-sides, though.
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    NYC - here you go

    bowery's really strict when it comes to IDing. they even card for 16+ shows.
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    REQ: Smiths b-sides.

    Here's Rare Tracks, a Japan EP compiling all the Maladjusted b-sides.
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    greatest hits remixes??

    terribly sorry if this has already been posted, but i found this tracklisting in an ebay listing for the greatest hits lp that states that most of the songs are remixed...
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    je suis mort ici?

    "je suis" can mean "i am" or "i follow." so i always thought the point of the shirt was that either morrissey or his fans could wear it.
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