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  • hello sir.

    thank you for the link,yes i am looking forward to the classes greatly,how long have you being doing yoga? is it as rewarding as it seems to be?

    hope all is well.
    I'm afraid I'm not a fan of veg sausage. :(

    You don't have to worry about my avatar.
    Definitely no!!!!!!

    I really don't like ham/sausage, hardly ate them which is very easy to be a veg.
    well it was the people who run this complex that couldn't say if they could come the following day!!!! so i had to book an appointment. So we spent a week wedging a bucket underneath it and pouring that out every couple of hours...then it only took the guy 10 mins to fix it.

    about 20 working days....it's been 13 (i think).

    well it was shocking and stuff!!!!

    i think i am to retire now to bed.

    Goodnight Mr Him-full speak soon x

    Professer HIM, don't click small red triangle when you send a visitor message.
    Thanks. :D
    well, i had a leak in he bathroom last week, and they only came today to fix it! the carpet was ruined, so i had to throw that away. So, i've painted the skirting board and cleaned up a bit more. then i came back on the computer.

    to approve something you have click the white box and then agree to it at the bottom of the page.

    so i think i will do that too.

    Alright really:) we are still hanging around for the paper work to be sent back on you know what;)
    Hello HIM, I already did! Thrice, because I'm deaf :p (I do have problems hearing)
    Hahaha, I don't mind getting married to William, but he's already found his bride. :p
    You could add another 12 options! :mad:

    No, I won't give up my nationality for silly political causes. :p
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