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    Morrissey statement 2 June 2012; Matt Walker exits band

    Thank you for everything! I'll miss you. All the best, Henrietta
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    Wanted: one ticket for Munich

    Does anyone have a spare ticket for Munich? I was in Liverpool and would really like to make up for that experience... Thanks in advance Henrietta
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    Salisbury gig Canceled! **** sake Mozzer!

    I'm also flying from Glasgow tomorrow (on the same flight? mine is an easyjet one at 1:55). I (rather selfishly) hope Morrissey will be able to perform, since it'll be the last chance for me to see him on this tour. :tears: But it's of course more important that he recuperates fully before...
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    have Dundee standing, would like seated ticket

    long-time lurker, first-time poster here :) I have a standing ticket for Dundee tonight, and would like to swap for a seated one. I'll be in Dundee from about 1pm today. Please pm me or send an email directly to [email protected] See you there Henrietta
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