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    Wanted: We Hate It When... 12" LP

    I am currently looking for a vinyl 12" of "We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful". It doesn't have to be the purple vinyl, any copy will suffice. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Live Nation Poster from Hammerstein?

    did you get one on saturday night?
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    Live Nation Poster from Hammerstein?

    Did anyone ever get an answer from someone on what happened to the posters we were promised?
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    2 Tix for Sun 10/28 NYC Early Admission

    I was lucky enough to get 2 of the 5 day pass tickets for Hammerstein with early admission, but unfortunately cannot make the final show on Sunday night. If anyone is interested, please email me @ mikenoble75 at I will be attending all of the other shows, so I will be in the...
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    5-Day Pass Sold Out In 5 Minutes?!!

    I was fortunate to get 2 passes, but my girlfriend will not be able to go with me to the first 2 nights, so I will have tickets available to someone.
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    Here's the full "Introducing Morrissey" audio

    Is there any chance this version could be posted again? Any help would be truly appreciated.
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    does anyone know who runs "passions site"

    The situation is probably due to the web hosting package having a data transfer limit per month, which has obviously been reached. I'm sure by tomorrow it'll be up a running fine again.
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    Newbie gratitude & a small request...

    Thanks for the link, but it doesn't appear to be from the TV broadcast. Far too tinny. I stumbled across a copy on soulseek that was of similar quality. Nonetheless, thanks for looking out.
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    Newbie gratitude & a small request...

    I have been a frequent reader to this site for years but only stumbled into the forums this weekend. I would just like to say thank you to all of the posters who have all shared their wonderful collections with us. I was hoping one of the many of gurus on this board could help me out. I have...
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