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    Morrissey interview in the 'Legends' issue of 'Loaded' (Feb. 2013), out tomorrow

    Re: Morrissey is 'Loaded' ~ out tomorrow. Phwoaaarr! etc... This interview makes me feel so sad. It's incredible how out of touch he is. No more foreign aid, despite the UK being one of the wealthiest countries on the planet? Bring back old-fashioned buses because they're "English"? Well...
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    Concert-goers interviewed before & after Morrissey's Brixton Show

    Awww, thank you! I think olivia's voice sounds fab on it too, which helps quite a bit!
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    Manics Want Mozzer

    I'm representing for the Manics/Morrissey fanbase crossover. I'm really not sure how James' voice is 'ugly'. I personally find his voice quite beautiful to (the point that it looks incongruous coming out of the body of a short bloke who likes pies). When I saw the Manics in Brixton in...
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    Morrissey Reveals 13 Favourite LP's

    If you are desparate to know which albums are his faves, and you still can't get on Quietus, there's a link here: I'm still lolling at the thought of him sitting there scanning all those covers when he...
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    I like Andy Rourke

    Sadly, that was the first thought to cross my mind as well.... Poor Andy!
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    Talent borrows, genius steals- unacknowledged references in Morrissey's work

    I recall someone mentioning it as a possibiliy, the Lee bloke, then I looked into it and it does sound quite convincing and very Morrissey-esque - showbiz lawyer who's been involved in notorious cases, and disbarred anyway! It's Schwarzkopf Red Passion or suchlike.
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    I found Morrissey!

    For some strange reason, I now have an overwhelming desire to watch Bubba Ho-Tep.... Can't think why.
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    Whenever I hear the word Mozilla

    Hahahahaha, something similar to that occurs in my poor brain too! :lbf::lbf:
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    I found Morrissey!

    That is AMAZING!!!! :lbf::lbf::lbf::lbf::lbf:
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    Talent borrows, genius steals- unacknowledged references in Morrissey's work

    If anyone finds it useful, there's an updated version of the LASID website's lyric sources on my website: Smiths: Morrissey: I found some more sources, like from Delaney's The Lion in Love...
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    The Evolutionary Reason for Depression

    Sadness helps you make decisions? Erm... what about when you're too depressed to think? Or so full of self-loathing you can't think anything because you're convinced any idea you might have is useless? Besides which.... a few years ago someone wrote a book about the evolutionary use of...
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    I like Johnny Marr

    Good ol' Mr Walker!
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    Lady GaGa: an apostle of the Morrissey - calls him my buddy

    They don't worship Satan! FFS! Besides which, at one of these sinister dinners, known as a Masonic Ladies' Night, I was conceived. So presumably I'm the bringer of doom or the second coming or... or... just some provincial undertaker's daughter. (I was conceived in a hotel room afterwards, not...
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    New Book ''Please'' Is Last Years Book ''Paint A Vulgar Picture''

    They do it sometimes.... one of Gwendoline Riley's novels was Sick Notes in the UK and Tuesday Nights & Wednesday Mornings in the US, because it was the novella plus some short stories (which I suspect you can find in her MA thesis in Man Met's library!). There's also a novel someone wrote...
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