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    US tour announced -

    Got my tickets for the show at the Grand Ole Opry on 2 JUL....cannot wait!! Also going to see Three Days' Grace and two other bands on 13 JUL.
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    Washington DC concert rescheduled to June 25; Baltimore to June 24

    Glad he was well enough for the Nashville show. Take care, Moz. Thanks for the memory! :)
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    Nashville, TN - Ryman Auditorium (May 28, 2014) post-show

    I wonder if his adoring Mexican fans are offended by the Meat Is Murder footage of slaughterhouse workers kicking and slamming animals around, when the majority of slaughterhouse workers in the US are Mexicans. Or are the LA fans distanced somehow from their Nebraska-based slaughterhouse-working...
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    Nashville, TN - Ryman Auditorium (May 28, 2014) post-show

    I even wore my "Every Day Is Silent and Grey" shirt for the occasion :( I would have loved one of those Morrissey Crew shirts the Merch vendors and roadies were wearing
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    Nashville, TN - Ryman Auditorium (May 28, 2014) post-show

    First show EVER!! Took my 13 year old son. We had a blast. We were on the main floor, Row M, Section 8. Good seats, great view of Moz...not too good a view of the screen, which is OK, my son doesn't do well with bloody footage of animals being slaughtered. Sat with some fellow white-haireds who...
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    Dallas, TX - Majestic Theater (May 22, 2014) post-show

    5 days!! 5 days!! Nashville!! Can't wait!! <3 - - - Updated - - - 5 DAYS!! 5 DAYS!! NASHVILLE!! CAN'T WAIT!! <3
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    Best song, best line, best lyric right now

    "Pretty women out walkin' with gorillas down my street..." 'Is She Really Going Out With Him?' Joe Jackson
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    Morrissey Self-Portrait (2007)

    I'd like to have 2 scoops of Moz!
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    What is love?

    Love is knowing that if it came down to it, I would leap in front of a flying bullet for him. It's knowing that where he ends, I begin. The finished sentences, the unspoken thoughts, the first cup of coffee in the morning, the last kiss good-night. It's the urgency, like that feeling of jumping...
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    Another Nancy Sinatra & Moz pic via @NancySinatra / Twitter

    It's "new" to me...I've never seen it and it looks like a nice relaxed photo. :) Thanks for the time-line on it. I honestly would never have known better ;)
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    US Tour Presale

    Re: Well I got a ticket for San Jose Crossing my fingers for Nashville. I thought I was home-free with a week and change to go before the concert and BAM! he cancelled the whole rest of the North American tour.
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    Morrissey 2014 US tour dates posted at

    GOT MY TIX FOR MAY 28 @ The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville TN!! Chuffed doesn't even begin to cover it! :D
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    "How To Piss Off A Hipster" - Smiths / Morrissey shirts

    Re: Hey! that's one of the "monsters" from "Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children"! <3
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    "How To Piss Off A Hipster" - Smiths / Morrissey shirts

    The other day, I was doing laundry. The washer was on its spin cycle and a bit out of balanced....I called my 13 year old son into the kitchen (that's where our washer & dryer are) and said, "Listen! What song is the washer playing?" He stood for a second then burst out laughing, "That's the...
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    Curious discrepancies between the Penguin UK/Putnam US editions of Autobiography

    I know you did NOT compare Morrissey's ramblings to "Angela's Ashes" 'Tis a good thing I have ADD because Moz's jumps back and forth between years, decades and times were a bit hard to follow. I read this book in spits and spurts. Angela's Ashes I read twice because I would laugh so hard my...
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