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  • You should stay at home and 'supervise' me :p
    It's only a Friday....it's almost the weekend, I'm sure she could be persuaded.
    You must really trust me to let me stay in your house alone, I could be a crazy arsonist! I'm not, but I could be, you never know, I'm flattered that you don't think I am.
    I'll ask my mum, but I'm sure it will be ok, wouldn't your mum be at work?
    If I were left in the house by myself I might brake something, or get mugged! The possibilites are endless :p
    I shouldn't make you late for school, however much I'd like to!
    Early? Not at all! I'm always up this early, fresh as a daisy, lover. :p
    Well...I couldn't sleep, what about yourself?
    Yeah, I'd like to stay at yours for a night, if I would be allowed. I'll be very good, promise :)
    My day's ok, I'm not as tired as I was earlier, but my eyes are burning.
    I have to bother my brother on the phone before I can order anything for certain...don't want to be stranded in Manchester.
    How are you?
    H E L L O
    I just popped by to say...you're such a trendy atheist, I was reading the votes on the 'Does God Exist' Thread.
    Eternal damnation for you, my dear.
    I'm going to Arcadia...I believe in Zeus...seriously ;)
    I took the intitive to accept my own friendship, I didn't think you'd mind. I got bored waiting for you to do it. :p
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