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  • Oi! 12 O'clock train sound ok? I really can't bare getting out of bed too early, plus you'll have me all night! (oo-er) :D
    (I feeling mean again today, i don't know if i'll bother to Pm you about it...)
    OK, say I get the 10 train from victoria and then the half five one from Rainhill?
    Sound ok?
    Did you like that video?
    (Oh, do you we have a video?
    10.38 sounds good :D what are the time for coming back around...five or six?
    I would tell you that you were being very stupid, but....I just nearly did it to my own profile :o
    It has little action, you know, maybe we can live there :p
    that page says:
    'Unfortunately access to this resource has been denied, which could be due to a number of reasons.'
    Very vague isn't it?
    Let's think of the possible reasons...
    The website is Liverpudlian and just doesn't work, much like everything else in Liverpool including the accent? :p
    No, not that message, the other message, the one that the below is talking about!
    Well, what are the train times? Mind that I don't want to get up too early :p
    Allright, text you tomorrow, dear.
    You're comitting me to the fate of watching Glastonbury highlights, I hope you're satisfied :mad: (that sentence really needs that smiley from MSN, you know the one with the narrowed eyes? Well, that one :(
    He really does look very like Mick Jagger, every one says so!
    It's probably the avatar thing...you're confused, either that or you're really bad at using this website :p
    I like your silly addictions, I would rather them that you being addicted to say...crack :D
    D'you like my Mr JoHansen picture?
    Don't go to bed just yet! We only went into Manchester City Centre today, it was fun, had a really spicy pizza. I think we're going out of town tomorrow.
    Oh, I'm so insanely glad you like The Secret History, I just knew you would! I Love Francis, once you know, tell me your favourite. I'm kind of drunk, not really, you can see that I can type very well. Ok, I'm text you tomorrow night, try to get your phone back by then :p. I'll definetly meet you at the platform, and then we can get the metrolink to the flat or into town, or both!
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