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  • I'm just sitting her watching The New Statesman again and reading about that thing on Georgia (yes, I am aware of international relations post 1950 :p)
    I'm being serious! :D
    Yes, it not anarchic enough unless you like an extra from The Rocky Horror Picture Show ;)
    Is the party done now?
    I haven't even taken off last night's make-up off yet!
    Well, enjoy your tidying, I hope your mum appreciates this strange turn :p
    Well, I was uploading What Differnence Does It Make and it wouldn't let me, it said something about a copyright problem, it gave me two options: Delete Media or Dispute Infringment and I deleted the song.
    So, someone's on to us, worst comes to worst, I'll create a new (back up maybe...might be a good idea) profile
    Something strange is happening with The Smiths Live.....maybe they caught us, I think they might have, I'll see what happens
    Having a social life is so dull! I have only started making an effort to have one recently, mainly to see if I was missing anything all these years, and I can tell you, hand on heart, I wasn't.
    Staying up late watching Family Guy and playing semi-drunken guitar with you was very fun
    Oh, very anarcic, I've had enough of drinking and social encounters, I was up to the early morning again last night
    I'm just changing The Smiths Live songs, I completely forgot to do it yesterday :o
    No, of course not ;)
    Actually, I was reading the beastiality thread (no Scottish jokes please), there is something hypnotic about Chica's threads.
    How are you today, dear?
    Night Night
    I'm sure when Lenin led the revolution in Russia there was no way he did it with sleep depreviaton :p
    Well I dunno, I was just thinking about it the other day, I like the name though, I'm just thinking of the connotations. I think if we were to change it, it's should be to The New Art Group, because it has the old bit and the arty bit but not the overly political bit.
    Well, there is this Damned song called 'Melody Lee' and I thought The Melody Lee's was quite a good name, although I also think that we could have a name like Someone and the Somethings (not that but you know like Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars and Echo & The Bunnymen, Dion & The Belmonts).
    I just think the Revolution part of it sort of makes us look too political, when we don't really intend to come across like a one trick pony like Billy Bragg :o
    What do you think? I still like the name and all, we could always change just the revolution part or not change it at all.
    Now, that's what I call ANARCHY :D
    That's me back, by the way
    I keep being tempted to try and change the band's name....:eek: I am such a changable person, you can tell by how many avatar's I get through...
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