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  • Nice timing to bloody reply :mad:;)
    Shaking fists threateningly is a quite communistic thing to do, as so 'You better watch it you Tory bastard or we'll form a peoples' army and seize control of the state'. Actually, that's quite a revolutionary socialist thing to do...jump out at the last minute. Your moderate socialit would go 'you better watch it or we'll write a petition!' and a communist would probably say 'you better watch it or we'll do something rash based on ideas written 150 years ago that we don't really understand'
    Oh, I'm being cynical tonight! Must be lack of funds...
    NIght againx
    It's a room in a student hall thingy :p, it's four/five rooms and then a kitchen/living room
    It's got a en-suite though, which is good,
    You're allowed people to stay over I think (and I odn't see how they can stop you) so you're welcome to sleep in my box (perve smiley?)
    I don't know when I'll get it, whenever the decide to get off their arses and give it to me, I suppose.
    Today was ok, weather was shite, day was a bit long and I got bored towards the end.
    How was yours?
    I'm so f***ing angry that no one seems to be able to give me MY f***ING MONEY! :mad:
    Hello, dear, darling, how are you? :)
    Oi! Oi! I DO need to do work, I'm not THAT much of a dossing college student :p (well not really)
    Any further on your essay?
    Oh, you lucky thing! I found the sexually frustrated pigeon video in my phone today. :D
    I'm ok, I was packing earlier, but I can still do that tomorrow so I don't need to hurry. So, now I'm just changing the songs on my Ipod.
    How are you today, dear?
    The bit that makes me flinch is when Rik gets hit by that passing lorry...not because I like him or anything it just makes the most awful noise!
    Do you know that when the first showed that on TV, Rik was in a coma? there's a fact for you :p
    I'm glad you like the programme, I thought you would.
    Look up these too:
    Filthy, Rich and Catflap
    The Comic Strip presents Four Men In A Car (Fantastic! One of the funniest little films I have ever seen)
    No, don't go yet, watch some telly! I'm not sure who's side I'm on, there are reasons to be on either side, I'll tell you as soon as I decide! :p
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