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  • Well I've bought my ticket so, that means that if I went to the Manc gig I'd have to get up and down really quickly, so I doubt it too :(
    It's the 19th, I don't mind if you can't come (obviously I would like you to), you could go to the Manchester date with your mum if you cant come up. Your mum likes the Buzzcocks, doesn't she?
    There's a guy walking along the street singing: 'I'm buuuuusking and I'm waaalking along the streeeet' while strumming an untuned guitar.
    This place is pretty nutty sometimes :p
    Well I had imitation Irn Bru at Aldi for 44p, :cool:
    I can perfectly image what a futuristic bedsit would be like: everything would be voice controlled, and white, and we'd have little retro chairs, and under-floor heating, and a bed that..what could the bed do? It could be sunken into the floor, that would be handy :rolleyes:
    You know when you get to Glasgow I am not going to faff around providing you with erotic stories and diet coke just 'cos of the 'HIY BY A CAR' excuse.

    I would actually, that excuse works well on me :(
    Oi! Shouldn't you be recovering from your horrific accident that means you can read fanfic ALL DAY and do nothing constructive?
    Jealousy is awful, I'm in college :(
    I hate this class, so very dull
    Come on, Dion and The Belmonts are the epitome of coolness! :eek:
    I'll check my dates for holidays, and my funds, 'cos if that's in the october holiday it'se good, although I was thinking of going back to Islay.
    Do you like The Stranglers?
    au francais? :p
    Oui, ca va bien,
    I think I really like The Who, but I still think procrastinate sounds dirty, what have you been up to today?
    I'm glad you liked Death In Venice, I love it, it's quite dark when you get into it, and sure, I'll come on Msn, just for you though :rolleyes:
    Oh, my weeks been ok, I'm so tired when I get home that I don't come online, but I've missed you an awful lot, I'm going to start pestering you religiously at lunch time, I hope you don't mind :D
    How has your week been?
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