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  • Urgh, that sounds awful! But I'm glad you thought of me when you saw something Warhol related :p
    I'm just sitting listening to Scott Walker and drawing a screaming face (which hurts when you pose for it)
    How are you?
    Ah, I understand, I love them!:p What's your favourite song of theirs? I quite love Hypnotize!:D I'm alright... got a slide for my ukulele, so Olivia is telling me to "shut that thing up" every few minutes!:p
    That's a very surreal dream, sort of sounds like a German expressionist play!
    That was very early, for a saturday, I was in bed having strange dreams that I was not only a man, I was a suspected serial killer, but I wasnt really, I was misunderstood.
    Of course you understand my obsession, how could you not! Have you been on youtube scrounging yet?
    It really is.
    YOU drinking on the Lord's day :p, being the devout christian and upholder of moral order in these scareligious times
    I'm ok, just had dinner and I'm going to do some particularly boring homework that I've been putting off for weeks later. How is yourself?
    Yes, I think I'd be surprised if people didn't think we were a couple!
    I was going to draw tonight you know! Now look at the time! :mad:
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