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  • I'm very impressed, maybe some of my impressive initive has rubbed of on you :p
    Right on! Fight the corporation, man! Shall we renew our really f-ing miserable cover of Working Class Hero? :D
    I know, I feel like someone has ripped a hole in my reality.
    Well, I advise, and this is only my oh so humble opinion, that you go on google maps, search St Helen's Library and find out...roughly...where that is :p
    No-one has a clue what I'm saying here, Heather. I think the woman in the cafe this morning actually thought I was foreign.
    I haven't done any work either I've been sitting here worring about not doing anything and watching Woody Allen movies. Don't worry about the work, worry about the fruit bread.
    Well, not very soon, you're safe :p Come with me?
    Hello :)
    I think you're right, we haven;t spoken in ages, I've missed that..you know, irrepressable optimism of yours ;)
    How you been?
    EXCUSE ME I think you'll find I'm the one being punctual :mad:
    And for that, you can bloody check if it's still on iPlayer yourself :p
    Hello, darling (I can't think of a suitable pet name to call you, 'Honey' sounds sort of seedy, 'Come on in here, Honey, and we'll play comander and the milk maid'....I need advice)
    My saturday afternoon was filled with myriad hues of embarrasment, awkwardness, joy and exhilariation
    Yours? :p
    Darling, I don't suppose you got my Smiths page deleted and opted not to tell me about it?
    I actually know this cannot be true because you couldn't be ushered near that thing with a hot stick :p
    Well, I suppose this means I don't have to try and ofload it onto you and Dylan...
    You spurn my natural emotions, you make me feel like di-i--irt and I'm hurt
    I have a renewed love for The Buzzcocks :D
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