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  • I slept until 3 in the afternoon today, I was awake reading Spike Milligan until 3am. Still a disgusting length to sleep. After that I washed the dishes for mum and then watched Top Gear, now I'm listening to Patrick Wolf.
    Are you going to bed at a sensible time nowadays?
    That's ok, I'll settle for a smile due to our technical ineptitude :p
    I have the cold, I'm trying to get rid of it before you come up though
    Hello :)
    Can you write out the chords plus lyrics for ''Don't Look Back...' for me, I don't have any paper here, i don't think.
    What time am I getting you tomorrow?
    I had a wee look at the square where the christians were and I think it would be really nice
    I'll meet you at the station, love :p
    Go on msn, I found a way of getting on, but if you'd rather clear up the evidence of your alcoholism....;)
    No, I don't care :D I'm easy
    So, meet you here some time tomorrer
    I've decided to drink because alcohol is cold. And outside....is warm. So. I'm inside
    Good idea.
    I just walked from here, to Stretford Mall, that's less than ten minutes, and then back and I seriously think I'm sunburnt. I'm going back to Scotland, none of this nonsense in Scotland.
    Shops'll probably still be open, there'll be some people there at any rate, failing that we could busk in Manchester but we still have the problem of getting the guitar over. I don't know.
    So bored, it's insane. Went to Claire exhibition. Tony's watching the Rangers game. I'm watching Dr Strangelove
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