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  • Hi Scott,
    I'm writing to you to get an answer and to know if there are any news regarding the item you have put up for sale.
    I'm Raffaele from Italy.
    I'am interested in this jigsaw puzzle for sale.
    My offer is 100 GBP.
    Let me know if it's okay.
    Eventually you can contact me privately at my email:
    [email protected]
    Hey there,

    As is my tradition, I'll be heading down to the opening shows of the tour. Then, I'll catch the ones within a couple of hours of my house - 3 NYC, NJ and Philly.

    Is there meant to be an added LV date at some point? It'd be nice to see the bookends of the tour (provided that Coachella isn't the end.) One Coachella was enough for me.
    hi scott, thanks for the lead. i am hoping there's one sitting in some random shop somewhere for 1.99:)

    i always forget to look for that lead into gold cd when i'm in amoeba. i hate having to look in miscellaneous L in the industrial section and rock section. i guess i'm getting lazy.

    which shows are you going to? i went to jimmy kimmel. i might do some texas shows, or the las vegas show if it ever gets finalized.
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