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  • There is a lot of pottery and baskets!;) I did not know that anybody really did concerts in Zanesville??? I guess the beach boys did at the fair like a year ago or so. I was two rows down from the stage at the morrissey concert, we were very close. My friend laughed at me the whole time because I was crying my eyes out. Zanesville is boring, I live outside of it in a town called Dresden. It would be awesome if Morrissey came, which would never happen. ;P
    much hugs Anne
    I'm from Zanesville, Ohio. I don't like it here. I might of saw you at the concert At palace theature if you went?
    Aw thank you! :sweet: (rather late! I haven't been on!). I can't believe I'm 34. Oh where did all the time go?

    How are you?
    Hello girl
    and thank you having me as your friend. :)
    You take good care of him when he is there with you!
    That's fine, I would have posted it earlier in the week but I didn't get the chance to come online. Damn boarding school... :D Nice user title change btw. :thumb:

    I missed your birthday :( - sorry! Wishing you belatedly very happy wishes for a great year.
    Happy birthday, gretchenraine!
    It's good to notice I'm not the only one over 40 in frink...;D
    speaking of which... tonight in Hamburg hoping to see much of it!
    Yeah, I saw your post after I sent you this message. Hope I didn't blow your cover. ;) I check PITNB every few days and know Trent is a Moz fan, so I was curious to see if he blogged about it...then saw you! :) Kudos for being on the frontlines. :cool: You don't appear freaked out to me, it's kinda cute actually...being rightly concerned for the Pied Piper's well being is very becoming. :sweet:
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