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    New UNCUT - Morrissey on Mick Ronson (Feb. 2013)

    Great interview! Many thanks for sharing with us. :guitar:
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    Question for Morrissey's fans in Texas that will be attending the shows in February.

    Re: Question for Morrissey's fans in Texas that will be attending the shows in Februa According to Ticketmaster, yes, it is sold out.
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    Introducing my new Morrissey Radio

    Nice. Thanks for setting this up. :)
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    Auckland - Vector Arena (Dec. 15, 2012) post-show

    What a wonderful story of your Morrissey/band encounter! :thumb: Great details. Way to go, Librarian on Fire! :) And I'm happy to hear the concert was a blast, too ! :guitar::guitar:
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    Whichita Falls

    Re: Wichita Falls concert no more now Dallas You have to repurchase tickets for the Dallas gig if you're wanting to go to that one. The Wichita Falls tickets aren't going to be accepted there. As far as the cancelled show in Wichita Falls- I got a refund automatically back onto my credit...
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    Morrissey's Christmas Albam out early December

    Isn't it a little early for the April Fool's posts? :lbf:
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    Presale password

    Lawrence, KS presale password There is a pre-sale for the Lawrence, KS show @ Liberty Hall going on right NOW, until tonight at 10pm (CST). passcode is: BRIDGE
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    Presale password

    Not as far as I am aware. If there is one, the details would be here, as the tickets are being sold through
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    ENGAGED?! is this a joke?

    from The website “” The website is the medium of our satire to expose with humour, exaggeration and ridicule the contemporary mass production and mass consumption that we observe Also it will not only mock the...
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    Presale password

    The pre-sale password for Austin, in case anyone needs it, is: MOZATX E-List Pre-Sale starts Thu 11/15 @ 10am Good luck! :guitar:
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    I'm sure you will!

    I'm sure you will!
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    Street Art ~ Captured By You!

    Taken around Fair Park in Dallas, Texas. October 29, 2012
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    Morrissey Live In Dallas {Complete Film}{1991 HQ} YOUTUBE

    Yes! Boz & Alain are so energetic in this one. They got a full workout in during the gig. :lbf: So much fun to watch, really. :thumb:
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    Morrissey Live In Dallas {Complete Film}{1991 HQ} YOUTUBE

    It is indeed great hearing all those "Kill Uncle"-era songs that will probably never be played live again. :tears:
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