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  • Yeah I was fine. Never heard back from anyone. Never have. I think they lump "fan" stuff together and put it in the circular file, which would be a shame as I have sent him some cool stuff. :(
    Awww, thanks! I had a blog once, but I gave it up for reasons not unsimilar to why Stephane gave up Passions Just Like Mine, it was just sort of consuming my life. I'd be taking my laptop to intimate gatherings or spying on people I worked for to find signs and it all just got to be too ridiculous. A lot of people call my ideas crazy. I prefer something I heard on a rerun of Family Guy last night, I am not crazy, rather "mentally hilarious." :D
    I may take you up on your offer; I don't know. My main problem with his solo stuff is that it's so genteel.
    Okay. I was half kidding but it does sound kinda fun. I've always dreamed of having a slice of cake with him on his birthday. I bet cake in the parking lot with a fan is the closest I might get to that. :p I'll keep you posted.
    Are you coming from LA? I was thinking about stopping in San Juan Capistrano for a cheese enchilada dinner. I know that town. I know nothing about San Diego. :squiffy: I'll probably take some beers in an iced chest and drink in the parking lot before, cash in on the $20 fee. :p Wanna join for a Mozzer tailgate party? I'll bring birthday cake!
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