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    18? Well I'm yours whenever you like babe ;) :lbf:
    Yeahhh, the family guy star wars spoofs are the best! I even changed everything on my profile to star wars because of it haha! :p
    It's before your message hun...I really wanna say something naughty about what you wrote, but I won't as I have no idea how old you are :p Anyway...Family Guy!!! Yes it's amazing and really funny, I enjoyed It's A Trap, wasn't as good as Blue Harvest tho, I must say! ;)
    Great thanks hun! Just lazed around for the most of it! Did you see my message on the films thread to you haha?
    MANCHESTER! woooo lol just waiting for Moz to tour so I can buy about 5 tickets for 5 diff nights lol x
    Seen them in October in Manc and got tickets for them for Feb, aswell. Seeing Joy Formidable 4 days before I see Hurts, aswell! :D x
    just called (We Are) Performance. Do you like Hurts? Joe Cross from Performance wrote most of Hurts' music x
    Liam Fray can't sing lol so I think they're shit! :D and I don't, but someone posted that they were in it.. and they got an entire page! For a tiny, tiny band, it's huge. & the album that they're talking about, they only made 500 copies of! I also bought Record Collector today because of the cover lol x
    also, if you ever read the NME, they came 2nd in the 'The greatest albums you've never heard' list! x
    I like a band called Performance that have some b-sides that are only on their 7'' vinyls, and they're not huge so no way of hearing them til I get a player! x
    Wooo. I'm not really into collecting DVDs, but I have quite a lot. I have about 600 CDs! and probably 200 vinyl lol no vinyl player, either x
    Is that what I was doing a year ago?! lol I have two floor shelve things, with 8 shelves on each where I put my CDs & DVDs, but wanted one for my aftershave and games that wasn't on the floor, because i'm running out of room! x
    If I die, it'll probably be under a few bottles of aftershave.. I'm putting one above my tv with my PS3 games on, could end badly!! x
    I can't help myself (pressed post by mistake) trying to put up shelves in my room.. they're held by 2 screws and plastered all around them.. and I sleep with my head under it lol x
    I'm banned for life off a few football forums, and that Quiffa banned me off hers til March or something.. & it's so easy to get banned from everything once you get banned once! It's addictive :( x
    I was let out early because of good behaviour :o no, I didn't know when my ban was over because I was never logged in all this time.. x
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