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    Margaret Dale - Morrissey statement at

    Oh yes, i do know. Silly me! So obvious..
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    Margaret Dale - Morrissey statement at

    I'm not 100% but I do have someone in mind...........
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    Edinburgh, Scotland - Usher Hall (July 30, 2012) post-show

    Firstly, the thread referenced in the tweet is from over two years ago and was part of a whole tongue and cheek thread. So why would someone save such a thing?? This post is lie after lie after lie posted 'anonymously'. Get a life.
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    Phone Sex

    I blame so called celebrities such as Ashley Cole for giving 'sexting' a bad name. Can be so much fun if enjoyed with someone who has half a brain ;)
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    Come Dine With Me

    Morrissey John Peel Chris Packham Oscar Wilde Lady Gaga
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    Song title game

    Ocean Spray - Manic Street Preachers
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    Lady GaGa

    Just been to see her again. Wow! Amazing show. Boy does she put some effort in. On stage for over 2 hours, numerous (fabulous) costume changes and some amazing stage decoration. Voice sounded amazing and she looked pretty damn fine too. Seemed really happy and enjoying herself. Lots of crowd...
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    I zig zagged all over America and then I came across Whitehaven

    Yeah, too soon :o Im still in shock over what happened, but then my home town is Egremont. My mum knows one of the men who were shot and my Nan lives 2 mins from the taxi rank in Whitehaven. My nephew was 5 mins from the lady killed in Egremont. My sister was staying with me yesterday and...
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    Flight of the Conchords (tv show)

    Saw these guys in Manchester on Tue. Have seen many comedians/ tv shows live (Steve Coogan, League of Gentlemen) and have been massively disappointed. Glad to say that FOTC exceeded all my expectations. They were truly wonderful and have not laughed that much in ages. Highly recommend seeing...
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    The OFFICIAL Manchester City F.C Thread

    Come on cityyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!! :guitar::rock::guitar:
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    What concert/show are you going to go to next?

    Flight of the Conchords at Manchester Apollo Marina and the Diamonds at Manchester Academy 2 Lady Gaga at the MEN Jonsi at Manchester Academy
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    What song/s are you obsessed with at the moment

    Ash -Goldfinger, now that takes me back to my youth also. Soundtrack to my school days. This week, im mainly listening to, Defying Gravity - Idina Menzel. West End musicals are my guilty pleasure :rolleyes:
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    Song title game

    Girl least likely to - Morrissey
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    The f*** My Life Thread

    Currently stuck in an angry/bitter phase of my life. Due to 'problems' with fertility, its looking less and less likely that i will ever give birth to a child of my own. :mad: As a consequence, i now see babies and pregnant women everywhere i go and im consumed with jealousy/bitterness. Im...
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    Song title game

    Handsome Devil - The Smiths
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