girl still ill

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  • Sounds like a tough few shifts but it looks like you did a stirling job.
    The hospital I'm at gets a lot of trauma patients too, i've nothing but respect for the nursing staff and docs.
    The amount of people that kick off in there is disgraceful at times, they really should play videos back to these cretins to show how they'd behaved. That said most of them aren't very bright so it'd probably all be a laugh.
    Ha rant over. x
    No I'm not going to RAH, I think I've had enough of London. I'm having to go back for the reschedules in July but I don't think I can be bothered going back in October. Just Leeds and Sheffield at the moment. Hopefully we will bump into each other again sometime.
    Hi Michelle, did you get a ticket for Sheffield yet? I managed to get one, and only paid a little bit over the odds. Nice piccies on the members thread, looks like you guys had a good night at the after party. Hope to see you again in October. Take care.
    Cool that you met the Manics, i once saw Richey in a bar if that counts..before he went missing i might add.
    You'll be fine this weekend, you must be capable of doing the job hence the position.
    I wish you were one of the sisters where i worked, a few nice ones but none with decent taste in music..not that i know of anyway. x
    Oh you'll be fine sister, you're a bit senior aren't you? Better watch myself.
    Yeah i saw the Manics on one of their early tours in Bradford (1992). Twas all scissor kicks, feather boas and leopard print ha.
    I'm a fossil you see, 34 and counting.
    Oh i concur, got 5 nights of em' starting again tomorrow...pass me the
    Diazepam, temazepam, Lithium, etc ha.
    I used to have a similar Manics t-shirt, nice one. x
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