girl still ill
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Nov 7, 2019
Jul 6, 2008
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Another Planet
Clinical Leader, A&E

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girl still ill

Half a person, from Another Planet

girl still ill was last seen:
Nov 7, 2019
    1. adijohns
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    2. CharlieFairhead
      Sorry it didn't work this time but least you'll have fresh zeal in the NY. So enjoy the festivities, are you working a lot of it? I finish Christmas eve but work all the new year.
      Not had the flu jab, i think I'll just have the normal one...the few doctors i've asked have put me off. X
    3. CharlieFairhead
      Not bad ta, full of cold mind.
      Any luck with the IVF? Hope you don't mind me asking. xx
    4. CharlieFairhead
      Keeping well? Sorry about Liverpool..i nearly went myself. x
    5. CharlieFairhead
      How's life? Did you go see Camera Obscura? xx
    6. CharlieFairhead
      Alright? hope you beat Man U tomorrow. x
    7. CharlieFairhead
      How was the Leeds fest?
      I thought about you last night, ha don't get scared..i was just watching some programme about an a&e in Coventry i think and the effects of teen drinkers on the dep.
      Nothing new really.
      Anyway hope yer good. xx
    8. CharlieFairhead
      Oh hello, I'm glad yer well...3 points indeed, should be a good battle this season.
      I'm bored of the Chelsea/Man U domination.
      I'm fine ta, well i start 5 nights tonight which is never ever good.
      See you later. xx
    9. CharlieFairhead
      Oh sorry to hear that, actually likewise.
      Finished until next week though, i intend to have a drink or several at the weekend.
      See you. xx
    10. CharlieFairhead
      Keeping well? xx
    11. CharlieFairhead
    12. CharlieFairhead
    13. CharlieFairhead
      Ah that's very sweet of you even to ask, it may be different from service to service but they insist on it the (tight) Yorkshire lot. If i get rich enough i'll do it off my own back.
      I'm just listening to a promo of the new Wild Beasts album, i think you'd love it..they have two singers in the band and one sounds quite a lot like Mr Antony and the Johnsons. Can you download stuff to your pc if i upload it? xx
    14. CharlieFairhead
      Haha balls of steel, not really love.
      I wouldn't mind nursing, of course i'm not under any illusion that's a glamorous job.
      I would go the ambulance route but i've not got a C-1 on my driving licence.
      I need to make a move soon though, the years are ticking by. xx
    15. CharlieFairhead
      Oh you sound far more cultured than me, i do love going to the Leeds Playhouse but don't go as much as I'd like to.
      Cinema wise i find there are very few films that tickle me fancy these days.
      I've one more day to work then i've 3 off and back on for 5 nights..not looking forward to those, got 4 of them on my own. St James where i'm working at the moment is right in the middle of a rough area and the surrounding ones are equally if not rougher. Let's just say it can be a bit scary at times, the things that come out at night haha.
      Night. xx
    16. CharlieFairhead
      If I'm days off during the week i just seem to potter about, not a lot happens i find..i play football every now and again, i used to be good back in me 20's. I try get to the pub, depends if i can persuade one of me Mon to Fri mates. I try make the most of my weekends off when the come, generally catching up and being unfashionably sociable without having to use summat like Fakebook.
      I perhaps could do with a nurse girlfriend but i find it's not the best place to try find's always bloody manic ha.
      Hope yer good. xx
    17. CharlieFairhead
      Bless you,
      Amazing how many people are turning up to a&e's with potential pig flu symptoms. The press don't help with the fear mongering.
      Anyway, been upto owt good on yer days off? x
    18. CharlieFairhead
      Fair to average thank you ma'am. Nothing to report from over t' border.
      Sorry i did mean to reply yesterday, how's everything in Burt Lancaster? xx
    19. CharlieFairhead
      Ah shame about CO, typical that.
      I've only heard the 1st AATJ album, liked it though..i thought it was Nina Simone at first but i'm dim like that. x
    20. CharlieFairhead
      Camera Obscura on yer doorstep. x
      Mon 26 Oct UK Lancaster Library
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    Another Planet
    Clinical Leader, A&E
    Eternally clumsy and shy. Shyness is nice, but terribly inconvenient

    Moz/Smiths, Joy Division, Manics, Ash, Stone Roses, Footie, films and animal welfare


    2004 - Glastonbury Festival, Liverpool Royal Court
    2006 - Manchester Apollo, G Mex Manchester
    2008 - Roundhouse(cancelled) Edinburgh
    Playhouse,Hyde Park o2 Festival
    2009 - Dundee Caird Hall,Manchester Apollo
    Royal Albert Hall, Liverpool Echo Arena


    "With loves, hates and passions just like mine"