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    Wellmont Theatre

    With one week to go, and mounting cancellations, I am getting nervous. I got burned when the PNC Arts Center show was cancelled in 07. That would have been my first time seeing him so I was crushed by the news on the night of the show (I made up for that w/ 3 nights at the Hammerstein) If...
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    The Official My Ticket Has Arrived Thread

    My Wellmont ticket came so "it's on"
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    Morrissey's iPod

    Glad I'm not the only one doing this for that reason:rolleyes:
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    Most Elusive Item

    I'm still looking for this book
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    "Morrissey" perfume Incense Avignon Here's a good place to sample it, and they ship fast.
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    your fave Mozz answer to a question?

    Kid on a bus asks "Where are we going?" Mozz answers "We're all going mad."
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    New York Dolls in Philadelphia

    New York Dolls Show I thought this might be of interest to Morrissey fans
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    morrissey frink thread!

    I was in the mood for a Mozz and critters theme. Some look like photoshop, but still cute. Who's got more?
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    Creepy shirt

    Here is another creepy Mozz shirt on Ebay.
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    The Italian book.

    I'm trying to find this one for my little Mozzy library. If someone has a copy, could you please tell me what's in it like photos, lyrics, interviews, etc. Also how many pages and is there any English text? and are there more of those fabulous striped shirt pics:D
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    The irony of this made me smirk

    Oh Duh.. it was obvious:o
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    The irony of this made me smirk

    I don't see it:confused: I hope it's not obvious because I"ll feel silly for asking but could someone enlighten me?
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    morrissey frink thread!

    First time I'm posting in the frink. I usually just lurk. I haven't figured out the picture posting thingy yet, so I can only do thumbnails. I promise I will be worth the extra clicks. Obviously, it's one of my favorites.
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    What's Your Morrissey Theme Song?

    Unlovable It's not that I'm self deprecating, but this is the soundtrack when I'm feeling socially awkward and uncomfortable (which is most of the time).
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    Where's my sticker?

    In the top left corner of the magazine, is that a sticker? if it is, does anyone know where I can get it? There's a spot on my car window reserved for it.
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