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    Mark Nevin (and family): "King Leer" cover (June 27, 2020)

    I like Mark Nevon and the Kill Uncle songs but when I hear the songs that he wrote on Your Arsenal I can't help but think what Kill Uncle would've sounded like if Morrissey hadn't used the demos for the finished product as it were. I think he would of had the rockabilly sound he was after.
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    Depeche Mode stream

    Live Nation are streaming Depeche Mode 'Spirits' on June 25th 2020. It is going to be on Live Nations You Tube channel. Details are on Depeche Modes Twitter.
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    Spencer Cobrin FB: Trump/Morrissey comments (June 21, 2020)

    Once you do you can never go back
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    What about the Guardian

    The Guardian newspaper founded on slaves, shut the rag down now!. I thought this would of had more mentions, hopefully Morrissey will say something on the matter. There is a petition from what's he's name Tony Parsons to close the rag down, hopefully it will...
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    Tommy Robinson arrested on suspicion of assault - Independent

    Have you seen the video of the Irish lad getting shanked and stabbed?
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    Morrissey and psychedelics?

    He took exstacy once and fancied himself in the mirror
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    Matt Walker FB/IG: Studio La Fabrique pictures shared (May 7, 2020)

    There's photos with Radiohead recording A Moon Shaped Pool there which was released four years ago today.
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    Morrissey meeting with Gal Uchovsky in Berlin Ritz Carlton, late-February 2020

    Enjoyed reading that, but I hope the part about playing someone's house.., I hope not, he always says he's not a performing seal.
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