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    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    Bernie Slaven (former footballer for the Boro) posts a pic in a Kill Uncle tee:
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    Morrissey and Miley Cyrus's collaboration

    He also famously canceled his Paris show from 2020 due to "Miley Cyrus", as he joked in Cologne: And in 2021 Morrissey Central posted a pic of Miley in a Smiths tee:
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    San Luis Obispo, CA - Fremont Theater (May 12, 2022) post-show

    We Hate it Billy Budd
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    "Morrissey vs the Conformist Cult" By Anything Goes (Paul Joseph Watson)

    Related item: Morrissey Central: "Turning The Inside Out." (July 5, 2021)
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    Morrissey A-Z: "Kick the Bride Down the Aisle"

    Morrissey has commented on the accusations of misogyny regarding this song back in 2014 (translation via Google Translate): Were you at all shocked when some critics criticized you for "misogynistic lyrics" in some of your new songs? "Not at all! Critics may be well-meaning, but sometimes they...
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    Rank Morrissey's 21st century LPs

    1. You Are The Quarry 2. Ringleader of the Tormentors 3. I am Not a Dog on a Chain 4. Low in High School 5. World Peace is None of Your Business 6. Years of Refusal 7. California Son
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    Best Lines From The New LP?

    The entirety of "What Kind of People Live in these Houses?" "Take time, be mine, and gaze with fondness on... the wrong one." - Love is on Its Way Out "You know who you are, yet you have no idea" - Truth About Ruth "Time will mold you and craft you, but soon when your looking away it will...
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    Rank the tracks on IANADOAC

    1. What Kind of People Live in These Houses? - A cracking track with classic jangly-guitars and fiercely witty lyrics. One of his best ever! 2. I Am Not A Dog On A Chain - Some very clever quips following a stream-of-consciousness-esque portrayal. Music gives me Kill Uncle vibes. 3. Once I Saw...
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    All currently available IANADOAC full tracks and snippets

    For some reason the Canadian Amazon listing of the album has a release date for this friday (the 13th): EDIT: It has been updated to the 20th.
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    'My Hurling Days Are Done' and 'Once I Saw The River Clean' Teasers

    I believe these are simply recorded while on playing a record player, so the sound isn't as clear My Hurling Days Are Done: Once I Saw The River Clean (snippet):
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    Leeds - First Direct Arena (Mar. 6, 2020) post-show

    Love Is On Its Way Out:
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