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  • Ha and why ever would you? I bet you secretly know every nook and cranny of this Isle.
    It looks rather beautiful there, from what I've seen from my armchair travels anyway. x
    She's a very talented lady, often overlooked.
    There's also a young lady from the area i live who's worth checking out, if you haven't already that is.
    She goes under the name of 'Blue Roses'.
    As for where you live i can only think of ''Vilnius' off the top of my head, i'm such an uncultured buffoon. x
    Keeping well Freda?
    Which bands/artists are soothing your soul these days?
    Hope all's well in Lithuania, if i remember rightly. x
    Oh how lovely, it's great when an album has an effect on you...in a good way of course. That's a very nice way of putting it by the way.
    Glad you like it. x
    Oh fair to average thank you.
    How have you been?
    Have you had chance to check out Beach House's 'Teen Dream ' yet?
    Not that I'm bring pushy, i just remember mentioning it. x
    Yes, I am fine thanks. You?
    And oh yeah, I must find some of my old art supplies sometime-they've probably gotten buried under all the crap in my room though so it might be a while. :p
    Be my guest, the latest Beach House album 'Teen Dream' is rather beautiful, have you heard it? It has a song called 'Norway' that's what brought it to mind. x
    I'd love to go to Scandinavia..It's perhaps the pull of those Northern Lights to a Northern man.
    Do you use Last.Fm at all? x
    I'd have probably said Sweden, not really sure why ha. As for people moving here I'd imagine Lithuania is far prettier than this island's cheerless marshes..ahem.
    Going back to Polly Jean I just read this comment regarding her new song.
    "This sounds like Harvey getting back to what she does best after a decade or so of treading water". What a daft comment, correct about the song perhaps but the rest is just verbal diarrhea.
    'White Chalk' isn't my favourite ether (sic) but It has some lovely songs.
    I'd not heard the new song until you've just reminded me so thank you for that. It seems she did a short interview and performed the song on the Andrew Marr show recently...shamefully I knew nothing about it.
    Where in the world are you Freda if you don't mind me asking? x
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