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  • Well Chrimbo holiday are none too shabby...:) I hope you spend it doing nothing. I have always been a believer in that. But, i am probably not a good person to listen!

    I need to buy credit for my phone and i haven't done it yet. Which is pretty shocking i know..:)

    I'll need to go hun. Have a great Christmas and i'll hopefully speak to you soon.

    Merry Chrimbo!!!....xxxx
    It has been a long time...:) I always get ill at New Year for some reason and it's pretty annoying, though i am not sure you can avoid the flu the whole year round..:)

    I am doing well hun. I am quite happy (ish) these days, so can't really complain. Are you on your holidays now?
    No, sometimes i work on saturdays too :)

    all that i can say about your test is that teachers are the same all around the world :)
    I'm almost a slave :) i have to work next sunday :( but, as you know "everyday is like sunday..." :)

    and about your test... When will the teacher see it?
    Typical..:) After all the fuss that SHE made as well...:(

    Thank you hun, i am just going soon. I'll miss you too but stick in to school and all that, when the reachers can be bothered to turn up.

    I got temporary accommodation today..:)

    So i won't be around for a while.

    But i'll still come here obviously...:)

    Hope you have had a good day?
    Well a Frying Pan has an important position in the whole Cooker i'll stop now..:)

    I thought tha band was Sparks when it was Kraftwerk. And you had mentioned who it was by, and i still didn't get it, so it's slightly worrying for me..:)

    It's complex when you will not open your eyes..:)
    I am more of a kettle than a pot, i could be a frying pan if i get the choice...:)

    I can't see how i could have confused the two? I shouldn't have admitted it, but then i would have got caught out with my Christmas Card List from Moz gag...:)

    Man, life is!
    what an idiot i am. I was thinking about Sparks...:) What a thicko i am..:) How did i make that mistake? Though it's really my responsibility to answer that!

    We are both sick...:) Are you calling me a Kettle?!
    Oh right. That'll be me off Morrissey's Christmas card list then..:)

    Well, i look forward to it. This frustration stage isn't up to much. Don't recommend it...:)

    You are sick then. End of! I like to see people fall in the street. I usually help, but i have a good chuckle too....:)
    Trans-Europe express? I am not aware of this genre...:)

    I would settle for a rented room in Whalley Range at this!

    Well, good for you. Anything that cheers you up is a good thing..:)
    You seem a very intelligent person though and it's important not to panic at your age. It'll be nice to see if there's any tracks for me to put my metaphorical train/life back on...:) God that was complex..:)

    *Hugs to you* Try not to panic hun. I am having to take my own advice and stay calm. God that's annoying..:)
    Well, exactly. It's pretty shocking really and you had your reasons for being absent and stuff. It's really annoying when people can do the helpful thing and they don't...:(

    Well exactly, and what's left of my sanity is right enough..:) My life was never really ON track, but i'll think about your suggestion...:)
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