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  • Nothing so advanced for me i'm afraid....:) Though life could be worse. I only slept for 2 hours last night so i am tempted to be a little grumpy but i will resist...:)

    Glad to hear your exchange partner is nice enough. Johnny Depp is something else right enough. I am not that way inclined myself by i wouldn't say no to some fumbling in the bushes...:) Hmm, shouldn't admit such!

    Well, i get annoyed with myself if i forget and i forget more often than i should. Though it's good to hear that you are doing well. I bet your German is coming along brilliantly...:)

    Take care hun, speak soon.

    Just about to get thrown off this computer. You'd think they could give me VIP status for!

    How are you my dear? Is life treating you well?

    and i never knew i hadn't replied to you. Sorry..:(
    Boredom can do strange things to a person..:) Though i am reading a lot so that balances it out a wee bit..:)

    It should be good having the German lass over. You'll have to get her online sometime so i can dazzle her with my ability to naturally speak the language of other cultures. Things like "Wot iz your name"...:) Another crap joke, but the first for you in 2009..:)

    My flooding days are over and it's a relief to relax and watch the weather forecast. I hope you are doing well hun and drop me a line when you can.

    I am doing okay hun. Though i've been watching Celebrity Big Brother so this could indicate a backward step..:)

    Do you get on with your dad okay hun? It should be okay having the exchange student over. I never did anything that exciting when i was young. I have missed out on certain things. No point in moaning about it though..:) I am doing fine.

    Pity about the house being flooded. It's pretty common these days.
    It wasn't quick!

    It's a good saying that one. I'll have to remember that and try and pass it off as one of my own lines. But it's funny, so people will know it can't be one of mine/

    Ah, self deprication at Christmas.....:)

    But i got into The Smiths in 1983. I must have been even lazier back then. Can't be arsed thinking about it though...:)

    Okay hun. I'd better go and toddle off home..:) Have a great Christmas and a Haooy New Year and all that.

    Play them off against each other, but not in a nasty way, as i am sure you are not even capable of such a thing...:) But try and get whatever you can. Call it your pay-off in the divorce! My parents got divirced when i was 16, but i couldn't stand my father anyway so i got nothing out of!

    4 times is not bad for someone your age. I didn't see him until i was 21!

    If you're quick i could cram another message in. I need to go at 7pm..:)
    I am using the computer..:) It's the only access i have these days since i moved. There are no screaming kids around which dulls the temptation to kill! They are sweet really..:)

    I have seen the old bugger about 12 times over the years but not THIS time though i have to save my pennies..:)
    No hun, i am not dizzy..:) Start off with a crap joke...:) I am getting hungry to but i can't leave the library until my time is up. It would feel like a defeat...:)

    I hope you get the tickets! It would be great for you to see him. Would it be your first time?
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