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    I confirmed your friend request yesterday and made a reply to your message. I think my reply only showed up under my profile. Nice to meet you though!

    Wow it sounds like you did really well with your exams then. I told you that you would be fine. Pure guess-work of course but sometimes blind optimism can be as accurate as anything else..:)

    I have finally moved and feel much better for it. it feels like a weight off my mind and i feel rather serene, which is rare, so rare i had to look the word up and then attach it to the feeling..:)

    Just use the babies as life-rafts, you can always have more if they drown...:)

    I hope the flu is over for you? If not, i am sure it will be a matter of time. unless you have Sars, which could be tricky...:)

    Sorry for the delay hun. A plane to derry? Do you think i am made of money or what? You can swim like the rest of us!..:)

    I haven't looked at the painting since, it's just too distressing...:) It may be solveable but i prefer people to sympathise with my trauma rather than have the cheek to suggest!

    I hope the gig went ahead? I don't kind you mentioning it. I am sure he's cancelled becuase he knows Kilty won't be there. I am sure he's bereft at my no show..:)

    I hope you did well at your exams, i am sure you have. But remember you have your whole life to learn and you are very bright. If i was you i would be complacent at this point...:)

    Take care hun,
    Hey you..:) Congrats for giving birth to the brood, i take it that you will need time to recover. You will have to get a pram convertable in order to take them out. I will try to purchase a new set of drawers so that the little shit-cake-bakers have somewhere to sleep...:)

    It's not that bad really. But it's hard to solve because you can't buy rubbers for paint. Someone should invent sucha thing.

    Are the troxy and Brixton concert venues? I haven't been keeping up with Moz's tour because i haven't been to see him that much.

    I hope you are doing well and i am sure your exam results will be fine. You are very bright.
    Well, i think if i am going to the trouble of growing breasts, you looking after me would be the least i would deserve! I am very inexspensive, i will only need a can of Pineapple and a Pizza every couple of days. But i will need burping twice a day. That Irn Bru takes its toll...:)

    No squirrel because i didn't finish the painting. I got rather squiffy and played the tortured artist routine and spoiled my picture with drunken strokes. I couldn't believe what i had done in the!

    I hope you got a good grade anyways?

    I am fine apart for the permenant pain...:)
    Jesus woman. Why won't you let me help? I can't breast feed them for christ's sake. Though i have put on a stone and a half in the last few months so my Man-boobs are primed and ready to go. Not sure what will come out though - hopefully it's Irn! I am afraid the Mines are closed now, you're 20 years too late. Send him on the get good cash for that sort of i have heard..:)

    Just try your best anyways. You are very intelligent and i am sure you will do fine. But you have your whole life to get qualifications. Listen to your Uncle Ally, he knows what he's talking about...:)

    It's good to be creative. I am painting a picture of trees just now and it looks fine.

    I hope you are doing well?

    Ally, xxx
    Well, i can consider that. I wouldn't dismiss it out of hand. You could pawn the kids off to some travelling circus. Or you could grow a beard and go with! I could be a surrogate beard-grower for you, but to my eternal annoyance i am no good a growing sideburns..:)

    I hope it does too. You are very bright hun and i am sure you will do okay at the exams. And there's always time to get qualifications later if you fail this time. The stress that's put on people at your age is pretty stoopid. You have your whole life to learn.

    I hope your weekend was fine.

    Alyy, xxx
    I do that kind of thing all the time, so i can't really give you a hard time about it. Which is a real!

    Oh well. I am very good at burping babies if you need a hand..:) Mental but good right? Mine is pretty crap but i won't bore you with anything.

    I'll tell you when i get to the afterlife. I will find a way...:)

    I have to go soon, but have a great weekend.

    She left two weeks ago? Has it really been THAT long since we spoke? I am partially shocked and stunned by this. I have never actually seen Futurama - more of a Family Guy/Simpsons man myself, but i understand that one of the guys behind the Simpsons writes it or has something to do with it. How accurate of!

    I hope you had a great day. I can't believe you are only 15! You have a maturity beyond your years and humour that's second to none. You should be proud, though the fact that it appeals to someone with my sick humour may propmt you to question it!

    I hope life is treating you well and you are settling into your new place siffingly..?

    I am doing well hun..:) Happy birthday BTW and i hope you are having a lovely day and subsequent days too...:)

    Did you get anything nice? Apart from this message that is..:) Has your German friend arrived?

    Have you moved house yet? I know a lot of questions for your birthday..:)

    How are you?
    I always wonder about Ferdinand. All that bloodshed for killing one guy. It seems incredible. I mean it's not like he was Morrissey or anything you know, someone worthy of world destruction in the event of his early demise...:)

    You would think that killing a lamb would be worse as it's at the beggining of it's life, whereas a sheep could be one 'bah' away from certain death! Hmm, i may be thinking about this one a little too!

    It's not that good not being certain about when you're moving. I hope it gets resolved soon. In the meantime i hope you are healthy and happy?
    Sayings aren't really my thing. It's something like what you said...:) I think it's from the Bible, which will explain why no one really gives a toss about!

    It should be a good experience for both of you then. I should be more sociable. I should have done things like that when i was a kid. Maybe i could have stopped the rise of the!

    I haven't moved fully yet. My tether got to its end and i discovered i still had more to go..:) But i live in hope. It might be best to pack a few things. Just think about the song Maudlin Street when moving. I did, it really helps...:)
    Well, i'd love to give you a hard time about it, but i am always doing stuff like that myself...:) But you are VERY bad and could be going to HELL after all..:)

    It should be good. Have you been conversing with her and stuff? You will get on famously and hopefully will be speaking fluent German by the time that she leaves.

    Life is okay, could be worse, and i am glad that it is okay. My 'it' is slightly lethargic which is mostly usual..:)
    Hey You..:)

    How's it going? (We can only speculate what 'it'!

    Is your German friend still around?
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