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  • She sings from somewhere you cant see
    She sits in the top of the greenest tree

    hope you liked those chemically vegan cookies.
    Hi Flax. Since you are the resident ace on the Smiths around here, could you please help me with a question I have. In the liner notes of the original 1987 release of the Strangeways album it says that it was mastered in the U.K. by Tim Young and in the U.S. by Bobby Hata. Knowing that mastering is an art in itself and is subject to stylistic differences unique to the person performing it, I wonder if you have noticed anything different in the sound between the U.S. and U.K. versions.

    I don't have a U.K. copy myself.

    Thanks for your your time and help.

    Hey Flavio! I see you are on facebook too! So I put in a friend request1 I want to try and find all my Morrisseyfanfriends that are on here, if they are on there too! Hope all is well with you! xxx Karrie
    Hey Flax, it was a great surprise seeing you in Chicago! nugz was right, you just have this aura about you--so zen-like, loveable and huggable :sweet: Glad you joined us nutcases at Wild Pug for a bit, too.
    Are you still going to shows or are you home now? Be well, stay cool :cool:
    forgot to mention b4. LOVE your site Vulgar Picture w/ all the sleeve photos. I'd been waiting for someone to create such and as soon as I saw the post on Solo, I remember checking it out! Awesome job dude! LOVE IT! How long you been into Moz btw?---Kar
    Thanks for the addon man! I know you're prob sick to death of hearing it but congrats on getting 2 Mozzie tees! For that I hate you, just joshing, ha, ha!---Kar
    Btw don't take this the wrong way, but the pic on your avatar, the cartoon-like image looks like Steve-O from Jackass! is that YOU?!---Karrie
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