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    Skopje - SRC Kale (Oct. 16, 2015) post-show

    It seems only a lucky few got to see Morrissey playing Boxers.... I don't get it, it such a briliant song...
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    Record Ticket Sales for Morrissey in Peru

    Uhmmm bit strange thing to say on the day you know that it isn't true... But ok, ontopic Hooray for Lima! Great city, they deserve Morrissey
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    Smiths/Morrissey night in Cologne (Feb. 10)

    Und wie wars? habe es leider verpassen müssen.
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    Smiths/Morrissey night in Cologne (Feb. 10)

    Willst du nicht gehen Celibate? Köln ist nicht so weit von hier.
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    Eindhoven - Muziekgebouw (Aug. 5, 2011) post-show

    Really great show. Started of a bit slow with sunday and There is a light. But came back glorious. Ouija board, Alma and I know it's over were highlights for me. The big "postrock" ending of meat is murder was intense. He wasn't really chatty but still into it.
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    "The Very Best of Morrissey" and "Glamorous Glue" sleeves - (with Linder and ofcourse the toilet...)
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    'Meat Is Murder' recreated in Lego

    Uhmmm, is wel lego hoor. Kijk nog maar eens in die speelgoed bak van je hahaha. (It is actually lego)
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    how nice...

    ........Sitting in the sun on my balkony and out of the record player comes King Leer It's gonna be a good day
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    November 9th - Nijmegen (Netherlands)

    Thanks everyone for showing up at the afterparty! I had a great time! Wouldn't have thought the smiths/morrissey karaoke was going to be so succesful! Also thanks for the Doll & Kicks people to show up and do some karaoke. Till next time!
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    November 9th - Nijmegen (Netherlands)

    I'm holding my breath.......... Do not throw bottles in Nijmegen (if he comes...)
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    Morrissey & Smiths in Israelian film; Ha-Buah (The Bubble)

    Nice movie. A guy in the movie works in a recordshop and obviously likes Morrissey! Soms stills:
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    November 9th - Nijmegen (Netherlands)

    Yeah, I Already DJ there a lot, so it was easy, and organized a succesfull Smiths/Morrissey party before there.
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