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    first song kristeen young setlist?

    Kristeen often began her Morrissey sets with "London Cry;" since that one does memorably start with a drum fill, I'm guessing it's the one you mean.
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    New Kristeen Young Lyrics

    I first heard "He's Sickened By My Crude Emotion" on the spring tour (announced as such and I have bootlegs). It may or may not be older. Of course I'm with everyone else in thinking it's obviously about Morrissey, but the timing means it's not a response to being fired, which a lot of people...
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    No they absolutely shouldn't. He's turning in his coffin tonight. (Morrissey traditionally sleeps in a coffin on Christmas night. Nobody knows why.)
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    The Meaning of "That's How People Grow Up"

    Does it help that we're not talking about the explicit meaning of "That's How People Grow Up" (yes, we get it, it's about how people grow up...)? Or if not, how about I have my fun and you have yours?
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    The Meaning of "That's How People Grow Up"

    I think he's written lyrics in the mock-throwaway mode before (most of Ringleader, I think, appears thrown away but it runs right if you throw up the hood and take a look, and I'm fairly sure there was more explicit mythologizing around the supposed relative spontaneity of Your Arsenal and Viva...
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    The Meaning of "That's How People Grow Up"

    Aww, I thought I took out the word "twee" before anyone would see it. No one has ever not regretted the word "twee."
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    The Meaning of "That's How People Grow Up"

    I was unclear. I didn't list any I felt he phoned in. I meant that "Dior" and "That's How People" and "Dagenham Dave" are all sort of great/sort of not. Misfit songs that fit into Morrissey's canon, aren't phone-ins, have a lot to recommend them but are far from perfect. Something about...
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    The Meaning of "That's How People Grow Up"

    What can one do? The lyric and the sentiment are themselves quite banal. Of course its real problem is that it's not banal, but inane; the quality of art is not measured by how many times it's been done. I may still change my mind again about "That's How People..." (my friend's line on it is...
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    'That's How People Grow Up' - Zane Lowe Premiere...

    I've always found "That's How People Grow Up" to be not much more than beautifully-sung with a nice hook and an abysmal lyric, and I hate Jerry Finn to hell - so it was to my shock that I found I really loved this studio version. Finn treats Moz' and Kristeen's voices beautifully, and I don't...
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    Morrissey Hair Thread

    I'd think an ass pompadour would be real cause for worry.
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    The Official NME Story Coverage Thread

    It seems as if the Big Word associated with Morrissey has, at long last, changed from "celibate" - to "bigot," and all so quickly, too. Amy Winehouse is a drunk, Pete Doherty is a drug addict and Morrissey is a xenophobe. Cute. "If you don't reveal yourself," apparently, "we shall do it for...
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    Morrissey-BBC-Xmas Special!...?

    That was quite funny and plausibly terrifying. Many thanks.
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    je suis mort ici?

    I never noticed, but that's fantastic and I believe your friend is right - "I died here," past tense. No doubt it was intentional.
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    Morrissey poll in the Guardian. Vote now

    I find it interesting that they used a photo which makes him look quite young.
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    Blender magazine ranking...The Smiths #10

    Blender, is it possible that you think the Smiths were sort of gay?
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