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    He’s being a bit of a… Tim Booth calls out Morrissey amid far-right support claims - Echo

    Looks like that Mr. Wratten made his Ratsback Twitter site private, and he deleted his blog entry today. I wonder if it is because of his writing about others.
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    London - Brixton Academy (Mar. 1, 2018) post-show

    The version of Playboys is atrocious. Jesse and the boys really muddled that up with all of the noise.
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    Joe Chiccarelli discusses recording Morrissey, "Spent The Day In Bed" walkthrough at NAMM 2018

    Morrissey could shit in a blender and then sing over it getting all minced up--you'd think that is fantastic. LIHS is just as bad as WPINOYB. It is okay to be critical of Morrissey--do not be such a sycophant.
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    "Rourke - Joyce - Gannon / Summer 2018" tweet - Something's going on...

    Where, oh where is Simon Wratten (TRB)? I was certain he would be here slagging this for sure.
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    Alain's band Stadium plays "This Charming Man"

    I am sure Simon Wratten (TRB) will be quick to slag this off since he would be the first to lick the boots of Tobias and the other hacks currently in Morrissey's band.
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    Alain's band Stadium plays "This Charming Man"

    Ketamine would surely agree with this. She (it) can not be objectively critical of Morrissey; she should head over and hang out with Simon Wratten (TRB).
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    New York, NY - Theatre at Madison Square Garden (Dec. 2, 2017) post-show

    Simon Wratten's panties are in a bunch and he is all BUTTHURT because Morrissey ignored a blue rose at the concert.
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    Salt Lake City, UT - Kingsbury Hall (Nov. 18, 2017) post-show
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    Morrissey supported by Noel G, Boy G, Luke H etc.
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    SER - cryptic FB post re: B sides
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    "Frankly, Mr. Shankly" live (Milwaukee Performing Arts Center - 16th Aug, '86) - QID promotion on YT

    This is excellent; what is very impressive is the musical accompaniment. Notice how this sounds so much better than his current set of sorry sods plodding away. The only ones who could have done something equally as solid would be Boz, Gary, Alain, and Spencer.
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    Morrissey's 'Your Arsenal' was released July 27, 1992; read our 1992 cover story with Moz - SPIN

    I respect your thoughts on WPINOYB, but I'm not keen on it. I like a couple of the songs, but it's too bad things have become what are.
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    Morrissey's 'Your Arsenal' was released July 27, 1992; read our 1992 cover story with Moz - SPIN

    This was the time when he rocked--great lyrics, great music, great musicians. Now...well, we all know the story...sad.
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    Mike Joyce on Tinnitus awareness - ITV News report

    KS, TRB, and the other Morrissey lemmings will still slag off Joyce because Morrissey told them what to think. The irony is they always criticize others for not thinking for themselves, yet they follow single file behind their Mozziah. Oh the humanity!
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    Rumor: Morrissey U.S. concert dates (Oct. 3 - Nov. 3, 2017) listed on Spotify

    Please don't bring your sorry set of same old songs to Pittsburgh.
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