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  • ha ha. ma egertons with our head on the bar. went in there at 4:15 in the morning after we'd eliminated juventus, the place never shuts. it's a f***ing dive.
    check out juke box jury's post on the "now that's an idea thread" top man. a top man in every sense of the word.
    Damn them indeed, but it's great news at least some fans got their tickets. I hope JJ, M23 and Grim also got theirs, fingers crossed they did. I wanted some for the London show, no luck this time, but I still hold some hope, as dates are being added. ;)
    (If you click on View Conversation, and after that your reply my message, I get it on my own message board, not yours. :o) Anyway, congrats again! :guitar:
    It was actually at least 4. I was at the front of the queue (I arrived at 5.40 am), then there were 16 touts, then there was Jukebox Jury, Morrissey 23rd and Grim O'Grady. Not sure if JJ, M23 and Grim got all the tickets they wanted (I headed straight home as soon as I had my tickets, as my bed was calling me!), but I think they all got tickets for the Saturday night show. Damn those touts! :gun:
    Hi, yes I did, but only after queuing in the freezing cold for over 4 hours! Unfortunately, I've got to go through it all again next week when tickets for the Liverpool show go on sale!
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