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  • Haha! Did you use their own canes to do so?

    I'm pretty sure the people prior to satellites woke up each morning, walked outside and said, "I think we're going to have weather today." Benjamin Banneker was a noted Clairsentient. Perhaps that gave him something more than the average bear had when it came to what was on tap with the weather.
    I do. Thankfully. The weather people whipped the general population into such a lather I had to beat three elderly people to death and steal the stuff out of their carts to obtain enough provisions to wait out the storm but, yes, I managed to stock up.
    Meanwhile this storm seems to be more bluster than bite.
    So, before all the Doppler Radar and the other weather technology was created what did the old-time weather people actually do for their forecasts? I mean was it complete BS? Farmer's Almanac?
    Hi Eurydice... saw your comment about the weather people shitting themselves everytime a snow storm threatens. Where do you live? I'm in Syracuse, NY and it's snowed a little with more possibly on the way and the weather people are out in full force. It's THEE topic of every single news minute! Really, it's ridiculous. That giant freak snowstorm in Buffalo before Thanksgiving was newsworthy- this stuff? Not so much.
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