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  • i just went to my local bar. down the street. it was fun though. they had Rock Band set up!! and a couple friends of mine from philly came by. good times! get on aim, i need to chat or im gonna esplode!!!
    not sad!! if i had a remote, id skip to next weekend first, cuz its my birthday! morrissey!!! weeee im DRUNK! can't wait to see you baby! fun times fun times!!! :)
    yes, I got a ticket for Webster Hall yesterday and someone who got 4 Carnegie Hall tix today is selling me one. SO I'LL SEE YOU THERE, BIATCH! :D:guitar:
    All done and working!? Good for you! :) Sux you have to work on the holiday, I hope it's "slow" if you know what I mean. I envision you and your buddies sitting around the firehouse in fireman's pants with red suspenders and no shirts on... drinking spiked eggnog. :cool: :D
    Hey buddy, always nice to see you around. Hope you are doing good!
    Have a great Christmas, best to you in the New Year. Hope FD training is going well.

    Anything new? would I know, I never come here! :rolleyes::p

    I am really glad you're back. CONGRATS on the Fire Dept. gig, hot stuff! :cool:
    I did miss you and your sig and avater are so f***ing awesome, I cant even convey. new season this thursday, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
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