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    My Last Post

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    Gotta love the title :lbf:
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    Pictures With The Smiths

    Portugal or Brazil??? nice pic <3
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    Bruce Springsteen/ Glastonbury 2009

    I was listening to the Boss earlier... yeah! :guitar:
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    Have you converted anyone into vegetarianism?

    If I was a parent I'd .................... :thumb:
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    Big Brother 11 USA

    Seen the new cast??? JEV > All the chosen ones :( Russell, Lydia, & Michele are the only ones interesting enough, the rest seem generic and stupid.
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    Have you converted anyone into vegetarianism?

    No. but if I was president I'd make it illegal for people to consume any form of animal product. <3
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    "This isn't what I voted for."

    I'm just glad that blood-thirsty moronic skank Sarah Palin is several thousand miles away from the White House. <3
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    Obama sucks.

    This thread's a bit whiny
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    Hellie, let's get this sorted out....

    Now I'm really intrigued, I wanna see what Hellie looks like =D
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    Pictures With The Smiths

    ^^^ Agreed. even Andy looks better :straightface:
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