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Oct 28, 2019
May 7, 2007
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Oct 28, 2019
    1. yesitis
      not normally eh?

      does that mean you'd change your opinion for dear old leonard?
    2. yesitis
      that doesn't sound too creepy. he still looks pretty good considering his age. i used to see him out and about in montreal. i was always too star-struck to ever talk to him though.
    3. yesitis
      no rudeness intended. you have a delightful face.

      i'm sure you'd be creeped out by thousands of yourselves wandering around though.
    4. yesitis
      ah ok, now i know what your entire face looks like it's slightly less creepy. slightly.
    5. yesitis
      yeah, but since i only know what half your face looks like there are thousands of you running round with that phantom of the opera half-face mask on. creepy.
    6. yesitis
      actually this movie is freaking me out now. it's like an entire movie based around that scene in being john malkovich where malkovich enters his own head. there's thousands of you!
    7. yesitis
      i guess i failed to mention that in this copy of pineapple express you are apparently playing every character. now that's weird.
    8. yesitis
      no. surprisingly enough my other screen is showing a poor quality bootlegged copy of the movie pineapple express. weird eh?
    9. yesitis
      i guess i'm predictable when it comes to my "being assaulted by doctors" gags.

      no dizziness, no double vision.

      i'm just sitting here looking at my two computers and four hands.
    10. yesitis
      ooh er!

      if i passed out in the doctor's office i would be worried about him screwing me.
    11. yesitis
      come on, nothing wrong with "borrowing" some else's writing is there?

      i probably should get it checked. if i pass out or start bleeding from the ears i'll go to a doctor immediately.
    12. yesitis
      i hit my head right about here:


      and thanks for the congrats. i'm exceedingly pleased. an yes, i do have puns a plenty. that doesn't mean i wouldn't steal yours though.
    13. yesitis
      that could definitely be the problem, as i've only ever drank it at room temperature.

      my head really started to hurt last night but it feels a lot better now.
    14. Oh my god. it's Robby!
      Oh my god. it's Robby!
      oops, sawee, are you a vegan or something? :o
    15. Oh my god. it's Robby!
      Oh my god. it's Robby!
      good morning &
      dont 4get to eat breakfast!
    16. yesitis
      i think the traditional way with unicum would be to put the bottle down and back away very quickly.
    17. yesitis
      so how are you meant to ingest unicum? i bet it's messy.
    18. yesitis
      so palinka is the liquid version of cocaine? i'll keep that in mind next time i'm there.
    19. yesitis
      through my mouth?
    20. yesitis
      i think you're just trying to trick me into eating something disgusting. it's like your suggestion that palinka is nice.
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